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What is unique about SAJC, and why should I choose this college? 
At SAJC we believe that “no one is here by chance” and that if you are a student in our College you become part of a family of Saints to be nurtured and cared for through a well-balanced education with a strong emphasis on values. We believe that every Saint has the potential to lead and shine whatever their talent or interest - and this includes you!

How do SAJC’s students perform at the A Levels each year? 
Very well! Every year close to 95% of our students achieve at least 3H2 passes including GP - consistently higher than the national average. Indeed, more than 94% of SAJC’s students qualify for a university course in one of the local universities. Many other Saints chose to further their studies overseas.

What are the cut-off points for Science and Arts? 
Based on the 2020 JAE, the cut-off for Science was 10 and for Arts was 11.

Is my secondary school affiliated to SAJC and are there any advantages to being affiliated?
Of course there is an advantage. Students from affiliated schools may deduct 2 bonus points from their L1R5 when applying for SAJC as their first choice in the JAE.  St Andrew’s Secondary School, St Margaret’s Secondary School, Anglican High School, Presbyterian High School, St Hilda’s Secondary School, Christchurch Secondary School and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School are all affiliated to the College. 

How do I qualify under Direct School Admissions (DSA) to enter SAJC?
If you have a proven talent in a certain area, this may be your chance to enter SAJC! To qualify under DSA, students have to attend trials, auditions and/or an interview for selection. SAJC conducts these during MOE’s 2 DSA-JC admission phases from July to Sep each year. If offered a place, you will need to meet MOE’s minimum qualification of a L1R5 of 20 or below in the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations in order to enter SAJC. A full list of the sports, performing arts and other areas that a student may apply to SAJC under DSA is available on our website at  during the DSA application period.

Where can I find out more about the subject combinations offered in SAJC?
We have many combinations available. A full list of the subject combinations 
offered by SAJC is available on our website. The website will also provide you with more information about particular subject requirements.

How do I choose between SAJC’s Arts or Science faculty?
What are your strengths? Where do your interests lie? Which course would you like to pursue in University? Consider these questions carefully in order to choose the right faculty to be in.

Is there assistance for students with financial difficulties?
Definitely! Besides MOE’s financial schemes, we also have internal scholarships that are awarded annually through the generosity of members of the St Andrew’s community to needy students who show academic and/or sports prowess and leadership qualities.

What scholarships does SAJC offer its students? 
There are many! Apart from MOE’s awards such as the Good Progress Award and Edusave Awards for Achievement, Leadership & Service (EAGLES), SAJC also offers students a number of awards and scholarships that have been set up by alumni and the St Andrew’s community. These awards recognise students with good conduct, academic excellence, as well as outstanding leadership qualities.  Visit our website for a full list of the awards and scholarships available to students and the criteria for their award.

What are the special programmes that SAJC offers students? 
We have a Talent Development programme to nurture scholars in the Humanities and Sciences, as well as a Student Leadership Programme to develop student leadership with an emphasis on public service. An Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) provides Saints with opportunities to practice servant leadership by helping those less fortunate in communities outside Singapore. Once again, visit our website to find out more.

What are the CCAs available in SAJC?
Where do we start?! Everyone knows that rugby is a major sport in SAJC but did you that students can choose their  CCA from a wide variety of sports and games, performing arts as well as societies. There are more than 35 CCAs ranging from hockey to canoeing, dance to guitar and debates to photography cater to students’ interests and talents. Some CCAs like the Model United Nations are offered only by a select few junior colleges of which SAJC is one. Visit our website to discover the full range of offerings! 

Will I get opportunities to travel overseas when I am in SAJC?
We believe strongly in providing Saints with   opportunities to be exposed to learning  overseas. For example, there are curricular based enrichment and fieldwork for Literature and Geography,  while those in the Talent Development Programme get opportunities for overseas immersion trips.  Both sports and performing arts CCAs conduct training and cultural immersion programmes on a regular basis. In addition, students are sent overseas for Olympiads and competitions as well as community service. These trips have taken Saints to countries like Spain, Germany, China, the United Kingdom and the United States among others.

Is there any way I can get regular updates about SAJC on the internet and in social media? 
Like us at our Facebook page at  , or visit our website at !