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Vision, Mission, Values


Making Lives and Waking Hearts to serve the coming days


Home of Servant Leaders who bring life to the Nations


Saints are principled servant-leaders, upholding the WISE and TRUE values that define who we are and how we act when we stand together as a village

Exemplary Character (Leading Self) - WISE

Saints pursue wisdom through a passion for learning, having a healthy sense of wonderment about the world, and active reflection of God-centred values. (Proverbs 2:10-12)

A Saint is curious about the world, he wants to learn. A Saint asks questions.
A Saint does right wherever he is, whomever he is with and whatever he is doing. He does right when no one is watching.

A Saint wants to be known for his self-control. He perseveres because he wants to finish well.
A Saint relentlessly strives to exceed personal best, celebrating high endeavor as its own reward.

Exemplary Character (Serving Others) – TRUE

Saints seek truth by addressing claim and its soundness, walking the talk and be a role model. (John 1:4) 

A Saint is not a self-made man. He acknowledges that others constantly give effort and time for his benefit. He uses words and deeds to express gratitude.
A Saint does not give up even when life is tough. A Saint does not quit. A Saint overcomes evil with good.
A Saint respects others especially those whom God has made differently from him. A Saint is humble.
A Saint puts himself in the other person’s shoes. A Saint speaks up and acts for those who are down.