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Holistic Thinker

It is widely agreed by educators and philosophers that the paramount purpose of education is to develop thinking individuals with a heart, who can make good decisions in their lives and work.

The "Holistic Thinker" is defined as one who makes good judgements by considering the big picture, innovates and provides practical solutions, envisions the future and is prepared for it. The four dimensions in Holistic Thinking advocated in SAJC are: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Caring Thinking and Forward Thinking.

All lessons and activities in SAJC have clear objectives which include thinking skills to be taught or reinforced.

Talent Development Programme

The Talent Development Programme (TDP) serves to stretch our Saints by honing their 21st century competencies in information and communication skills, critical and inventive thinking, civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills. This is done through the provision of opportunities to develop and grow them in the domains of Scholastic Development, Servant Leadership Development and Expanding Perspectives.

Saints in the TDP can expect to gain knowledge and skills beyond the GCE A-level curriculum. To deepen and broaden the content taught in classrooms, TDP students in the Arts and Science stream have the opportunity to gain experiences offered under the Humanities Scholars Programme (HSP) and Science Scholars Programme (SSP) respectively. The table below lists some of the opportunities offered in both programmes.

Humanities Scholars Programme Science Scholars Programme
  • Humanities Seminar Series
  • EU @ Your School
  • Academic mentoring
  • External science research programmes with local universities
  • MOE Scientist in School Programme
  • Learning journey to research institutes

Saints in the TDP are also equipped with skills and experiences to take on challenges confidently, as they grow to be Servant Leaders with the ability to leverage multiple perspectives. With the TDP experience, our Saints are better poised to strive for prestigious scholarships in both the public and private sectors.
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Global Experience Programmes

To deepen students’ acquisition of 21st Centrury Competencies and to provide authentic learning in the global world, SAJC believes in providing opportunities for students to participate in the College’s' twinning programme with other schools around the world. In developing our Saints to becoming Holistic Thinkers through this Global Experience Programme, we hope that they are able to

  • Increase their socio-cultural and religious sensitivity and awareness
  • Enhance their skills in recognising and appreciating diversity, empathising with and respecting others
  • Deepen their appreciation of Singapore’s context in our region and the world
  • Form friendships and networks with their international peers
  • Foster camaraderie and deepen friendships with their school mates
  • Deepen their awareness of global issues and trends
  • Deepen their desire to contribute to the well-being of the international community while maintaining a sense of rootedness
  • Deepen their critical and inventive thinking skills
  • Be more resilient, resourceful, independent, and adapt to different contexts, unanticipated and frequent change
The College has a strong partnership with the following overseas schools:
  • Romain Rolland Gymnasium (Germany)
  • Omi Brotherhood Senior High School (Japan)
  • Triam Udom Suska School (Thailand)

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