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Educational Philosophy and Framework

At St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC), we believe in providing a holistic education that aims to nurture the exemplary character and talents of Saints so that they can contribute to nation-building and become powerful agents in creating a better future for all.

The SAJC Educational Framework is designed with key processes and institutional programmes aimed at the development of the child into 21st century servant leaders who bring life to the nations. It takes cognizance of research into 21st century skills, the Ministry of Education’s framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes, as well as the necessary characteristics of servant leadership.

The essence of the SAJC Educational Framework is distilled with three questions:

1. WHY do we drive our Teaching and Learning?

At the heart of the SAJC T&L Framework are the St Andrew’s Village (SAV) values that serve as the raison d'être of our teaching and learning. Summed up by the acronyms WISE and TRUE, these deep-seated values propel Saints to lead the self and to serve others. In turn, these values support our mission of “Making Lives and Waking Hearts to serve the coming days - Family-Society-Eternity” where Saints are to leave their indelible mark of contributions to their families, society and the world. 

2. HOW do we drive our Teaching and Learning?

Care to Think & Think to Care – where students unite their hearts and minds to develop their full potential;

Harness to Connect & Connect to Harness – where students make connections with ideas and concepts and forge meaningful relationships with people around them;

Grow to Serve & Serve to Grow – where students become self-directed learners so that they can use their talents equipped with skills to serve others.

Together, these three principles serve as the bedrock of our curriculum design in ensuring that the whole child is educated holistically. Each Saint’s full potential is developed in a multidisciplinary manner, with the pursuit of excellence in academics, nurturing of their character and the growth of their unique talents.

3. WHAT are the outcomes of our Teaching and Learning?

Throughout their journey in SAJC, Saints will be nurtured in and learn to demonstrate the four Qualities of Saints (QOS): Exemplary Character, Holistic Thinker, Skilled Communicator and Community Builder.

When they graduate and leave the gates of SAJC, Saints will continue to embody these four qualities that will make them Saints for life where they will be servant leaders wherever they go, ready to serve the community, the nation and the world – realising our college’s vision to be the Home of servant leaders who bring life to the nations.