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Principal's Message

Principal Mr Lo

At St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC), we have the great Mission of “Making Lives and Waking Hearts to Serve the Coming Days”. Indeed a mighty undertaking, which we undertake with deep conviction. More than 40 years of experience has given us the understanding and authority to develop a range of rigorous educational programmes that provide for our students a holistic education that aims to empower them with a purpose-driven life to serve others.

Anchored by a highly dedicated and caring teaching faculty who are equipped with sound pedagogical practices and values, SAJC provides a rich and challenging learning environment that ignites our students’ passion for life-long learning and inquiry.  We build a strong learning culture/ ethos for our students, catering to their diverse interests and opening the doors to many opportunities for them to be ready for their future. Our talent development programmes develop students’ talents and aspirations, grooming them to excel and contribute to their community, their country and the world.

Beyond broadening the minds and widening the intellectual horizons of our students, we seek to nurture every Saint into an active citizen with a global perspective, a passion for service and compassion for his fellowmen.  We provide many platforms for our students to use their gifts in the service of others in the College:  in our Student Government and CCA as a leader, or in the Community and Nations: through the ChrySAlis student leadership summit, local service learning and overseas community involvement projects, or in resolving world issues and sharpening their global astuteness through our Saints Model United Nations conference and overseas cultural immersion programmes.  We do all these with the common vision of our students as transformative ‘Servant Leaders who Bring Life to the Nations’.

Underpinning the SAJC Experience is the St Andrew’s motto UP AND ON, an expression of our relentless pursuit of excellence and high endeavour.  We believe that if every Saint strives unceasingly to exceed their personal best, celebrating the very process of striving for high endeavour as its own reward, he will become not only resilient and self-disciplined, but also generous in spirit and thankful for life and to God.   UP AND ON gives meaning to the lives and endeavours of our students and is the guiding principle that underlies our values and culture at SAJC.

As ‘One Family Unbroken’, I am proud to say that SAJC is part of the St Andrew’s Village, where a strong ethos of care and excellence prevails, where a long history and tradition has fostered a keen sense of belonging and identity; where we believe that every student is special, and that every student has God-given gifts and talents, and that no student is here by chance.  I would like to thank the Board of Governors and the Alumni for their strong belief, unflinching confidence and generous support, in our work of nurturing young men and ladies to be exemplary servant leaders of tomorrow.

With God’s grace, guidance and blessings, I look forward to an exciting and meaningful journey with each and every one at SAJC.

Mr Mark Lo