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Skilled Communicator

Effective and skillful communication is widely regarded as being the most important leadership skill and a core ingredient for personal and work success. Knowing the right thing to say and how to say it determines our leadership potential and ability to achieve positive outcomes.

At SAJC, we strongly believe in honing the communication skills of our staff and students in our instructional and co-curricular programmes. More than polishing the communication techniques through speech training and practice, we are mindful that the way we communicate reveals who we are as Saints. We aspire that every member of the St Andrew’s community be gracious in speech and seek to edify one another in the challenges we face and new heights we scale together.


The Literary and Debating Society (LDS) runs the school’s publication, IOTA. The members hone their communication skills through addressing the school body in their own unique voices through their coverage of school events and focus on a range of topics that they are passionate about.

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November 2021
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College Annual

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Saints Ambassadors    

Started in 2020, the Saints Ambassadors were brought together from various backgrounds as student representatives of the College. Trained to be effective communicators, their unique experiences capture what sets SAJC apart from other learning institutions. The Ambassadors cover a wide range of duties, from giving tours of the College, to participating in panel discussions. You can catch them at our outreach events, and in our publicity videos. Meet them with your questions on anything about SAJC!

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