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No one is Here By Chance- Saints Inspire

Ian Wong Wai Hoong, 19S04

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Here’s a student who uses what he learned in the classroom to understand and interact with the world around him.

When asked why he particularly enjoys the Maths and Sciences, Ian Wong Wai Hoong (19S04) had this to say: “I enjoy learning how the world works, and take great satisfaction in understanding that. I particularly adore Physics; I love deriving formulae, and doing my own little thought experiments.”

This clear fascination with the discipline resulted in distinctions for all his H2 subjects, as well as a Merit in his NTU Higher 3 Semiconductor and Device module. It also drove him to start the Saints Infocomm Club as its founding President.

An alumnus of Bukit View Secondary, Ian had enjoyed solving computational problems and creating his own little fun projects using computers. When he enrolled into SAJC, he and some students and approached Mr Sia Lai Chai, HOD of Education Technology, on the possibility of setting up an Infocomm Club. With Mr Sia’s support, Ian approached the school management and got the approval.

Ian was able to work with his club-mates and participate in various activities and competitions such as the SCSE Computing Challenge. Ian also took the initiative to reach out to IMDA for voluntary work, which gave the Club members the opportunity to help the elderly learn digital technologies as an SG:D Friend.

The weekly brainstorming Club activities helped Ian in his studies. He had to plug the gaps in his understanding through independent research, and thus became a self-directed learner who sought out knowledge in and beyond the syllabus to understand concepts better.

Alphonsus Koong, 19A04

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“Plan ahead, and keep trying even if you don’t see the results immediately. Have faith in the process, and know that your efforts will bear fruit in the end.”

That’s the advice Alphonsus Koong (19A04), the President of our Saints MUN Club, has for his juniors. It was also the advice he followed to score a full suite of distinctions for all his subjects: H1 General Paper, H1 Mathematics, H1 Project Work, H2 English Literature, H2 History and H2 Economics.

Alphonsus’s learning thrived on classroom discussions, and the circuit breaker threw a spanner in the works. He struggled to remain self-disciplined in an unsupervised environment, and had to alter his studying process and adjust to online discussions.

Once physical lessons resumed in June 2020, Alphonsus had a renewed appreciation of his schoolmates and teachers. While he threw himself into his studies, he also enjoyed the interaction with his classmates. This, together with the encouragement of his teachers, gave him the motivation to press on.

“The school environment is constructive, rather than competitive. While I’m grateful for my results, I’m also thankful that I found a second home here in SAJC.”

We are glad we had the opportunity to help you work towards your goals, Alphonsus!

Lily Rozana Joehann Aung, 19A01

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Should a student prioritise CCA or studies? That’s not always the right question to ask, as Lily Rozana Joehann Aung from 19A01 might tell you.

Lily used the tenacity, teamwork and discipline she cultivated in her time on the Girls’ Football team to help her in her studies. Through her resilient efforts, Lily achieved straight As for Geography, Economics and Math offered at H2, A for General Paper and B for Chemistry and Project Work at H1.

On the CCA front, despite being only introduced to football in SAJC, Lily was part of the core team that clinched second place in the ‘A’ Division games in 2019. Her tenacity and hard work were consistently evident, as Lily had to put in more effort than the other more experienced members on the team. She also took the initiative to rally her team-mates to organise study sessions to promote a culture of learning collectively.

Well done, Lily! We are so proud of your efforts on and off the pitch!

Isaac Tan Jer Young, 19A06

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Ask the teachers and friends who knew Isaac and they would agree unanimously that he is a humble and earnest individual, with a charisma that enthuse the people around him.

Isaac Tan Jer Young from 19A06 is a returning Singaporean who returned to Singapore after relocating to Shanghai and subsequently the US with his family. Despite having to settle back into a new education system and environment, Isaac showed himself to be a highly adaptable individual who excelled in both his academic and non-academic pursuits at St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC).

Isaac’s academic capabilities were evident in the stellar results he achieved during his two years at SAJC, where he was consistently the top performer in the Arts cohort.

In recognition of his excellent work ethic, Isaac was invited to represent the College at the Urban Redevelopment Authority Challenge for Urban and Built Environment Competition. He displayed his strengths as a skilled communicator when he represented his group in articulating their detailed plans. As a result of his efforts, the team was awarded the Merit Award.

Isaac achieved straight As for all his H2 (Geography, History and Economics) and H1 subjects (Mathematics, General Paper and Project Work).

Soh E-Ern Joshua, 19S12

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'Once a Saint, Always a Saint.' Soh E-Ern Joshua of 19S12 truly understood the significance of this adage.

Joshua has been part of the Saints family for the past 12 years. He was an all-rounded Saint who pursued excellence in all that he did, in both his academic and co-curricular pursuits. As the Public Relations Officer of the Saints Advocate, Joshua exemplified strong leadership qualities. In his two years at SAJC, Joshua led his team and participated actively in community projects such as Friendship Week, Service Learning Day, and Overseas Community Involvement Programme.

He also contributed greatly to the Saints for Christ, and was also a member of the Executive Committee of ChrySAlis 2020, an annual Leadership Summit. For the College’s Service Learning Day, Joshua bravely stepped out of his comfort zone to serve as the emcee of the Service Learning Day Carnival, going so far as to emcee in Malay.

Joshua has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to balance academics with a healthy co-curricular schedule and is a fine example of an all-rounded Saint, achieving straight As in all subjects offered at H2 (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics), and H1 (Economics, General Paper and Project Work).

Emmanuel Wong, 19A05

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“It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.”
This was what Emmanuel Wong from 19A05 had to say when asked about his journey towards the ‘A’ Levels.

Being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), gearing up for the ‘A’ Level examinations was fraught with many personal challenges. These challenges were exacerbated due to Covid-19 as the pandemic hit his family’s source of income and the two-month lockdown heightened family tensions. Emmanuel did not have a conducive place to study and battled anxiety as the examinations loomed nearer. With support from his teachers, the school counsellor and the school’s chaplaincy team who found him housing at St Andrew’s Hall, Emmanuel was able to find his footing and complete his ‘A’ Levels successfully. Emmanuel scored A’s for his H2 subjects (English Literature, History and Economics), General Paper and Project Work, as well as a C for H1 Mathematics.

The support that Emmanuel has received drives him to extend the same care and concern for others. He currently mentors children at St Andrew’s House, facilitating student activities and caring for the students’ well-being. Emmanuel’s story is one of resilience in face of adversity. We wish Emmanuel the very best as he strives towards his ambition to do policy-planning with the Ministry of Social and Family Development.