A total of 655 students sat for the examinations held in Nov 2018 with 96.3% of them achieving at least 3H2 passes including GP.  

We are proud of ALL our students. While we cannot highlight them all we have chosen these Saints below as the epitomes of the Saint Spirit and student. They have done us proud not just with their results but because they represent the very best qualities of exemplary Saints demonstrating their ability to balance both academics and co-curricular activities.

Tan Si Min, Odele (17A02) was an all-rounded Saint who pursued excellence in all that she did. As President of the 40th Student Council, she spearheaded the conceptualisation and execution of many College events such as Orientation, Open House, and ChrySAlis, a leadership summit which welcomes participants from the Anglican primary and secondary schools as well. Odele displayed humility and patience in her role as the President, where she was level-headed in stressful situations and showed understanding and objectivity in handling diverse opinions and needs of the Council. An effective communicator, Odele was also the moderator for various dialogues in College events such as ChrySAlis 2017 for Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, and the SAJC Minister Dialogue with Ms Grace Fu. For her outstanding contributions to the College, Odele was awarded the Service Award in 2018. Not only did she excel in her co-curricular activities, Odele was also committed to achieving academic excellence. Her dedication to her studies was evident in how she consistently made it on the Honour Roll for most of the internal examinations throughout her two years in SAJC. On top of that, she also received the SAJC Arts Faculty Prize, the Wong Tim Wah Scholarship for Leadership, and Gold Award for the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition. Odele has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to balance academics with a healthy co-curricular schedule and is a fine example of an all-rounded Saint, achieving straight As in her H2 subjects (Geography, Economics, and Mathematics), with Chemistry (A), General Paper (B) and Project Work (A) at H1 level.  



Young Ezekiel Ong (17S18) was on the ASEAN scholarship to pursue the A-level curriculum in St Andrew’s Junior College. He was an independent and self-motivated student who took pride in his work, and received many academic awards for his excellent academic results throughout his time in College. Not only did he excel academically, he was also a dedicated and responsible member of Saints Advocate. Ezekiel was a passionate and inspirational leader who encouraged his peers to strive for excellence and to find meaning in whatever they did. He was the Overall-in-Charge of Migrant Workers Week 2017, which served to educate the correct the misconceptions of migrant workers among the student population. He was also the 2nd Overall-in-Charge for Open House and Recruitment 2018, where he inspired a vision among team members by articulating the purpose of Open House and leading them to see a larger picture beyond recruitment. His passion for his co-curricular activity truly stemmed from a genuine desire to serve the community, and he even served as the Service Learning Representative for his class. His leadership abilities were recognized by the College and he was awarded the Servant Leaders Scholarship in 2018. Outside of the College, Ezekiel also volunteered regularly for Big Sweep organized by MYMCA. A deep thinker, meticulous worker and purpose-driven leader, Ezekiel was truly an exemplary servant leader. Ezekiel achieved straight As in all subjects offered at both H2 (Physics, Further Mathematics, Mathematics and Economics), and H1 levels (General Paper and Project Work), with a Distinction in H3 Game Theory. 

Young Ezekiel Ong1.jpeg


Haney Herlina Bte Hardiyanto (17S10) was an all-rounded Saint who pursued excellence in all that she did. She was also a role model for her peers whom they relied on as a selfless and reliable friend who was always forthcoming in helping others. As the Class Representative in 2017 and Assistant Class Representative in 2018, she demonstrated genuine care and concern for her classmates’ well-being. Haney also displayed an exceptional sense of tenacity and determination to strive for the goals she set for herself regardless of the challenges she faced. Her unyielding efforts in her academic work paid off when she received a Commendation Award from the College for the JC2 Preliminary Examination in 2018. Apart from her stellar academic performance, Haney was also involved in various Community Involvement Projects (CIP) like the ‘Silver Alliance’ project in 2017 where she helped to clean the houses of the elderlies in the Kim Seng housing estate and even extended her friendship to them through her interaction with them. Haney was also an active canoeist as she represented the College in the National Junior Canoe Sprint Championships and National Schools Canoeing Championships in 2018. Haney has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to balance academics with a healthy co-curricular schedule and is a fine example of an all-rounded Saint. She offered Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A) and Biology (C) at H2, and Geography (C), General Paper (A) and Project Work (A) at H1.

Ravi Keerthana (17S13) was a resilient student who had initially struggled with her academic pursuit when she was in JC1. When she repeated her JC1, she did not give up but instead strove even harder to overcome her initial setbacks. In her academic pursuits, she constantly strove to improve herself with a humble learning disposition, always receptive to her teachers’ guidance and advice. As a result of her tenacity, she was awarded the Education Merit Bursary in 2017 for being amongst the top ten percentile of the cohort. Keerthana was a good role model for others through her dedication and commitment in all her endeavours. As an aspiring servant leader, she also participated in many leadership related activities in College like the ChrySAlis Camp and the Student Leadership Residential Programme under the Talent Development Programme in 2018 to hone her leadership skills. She also spearheaded various service learning activities and projects for her class, and also motivated her peers to take part in several sporting competitions organised by the College. She was also an active member of the College’s Badminton Club where she took part in many competitions as well as in the Malacca training camp in 2017. Throughout her three years in the College, she demonstrated a good balance between her academic and non-academic pursuits. She offered Chemistry (A), Biology (A) and Mathematics (B) at H2, and Economics (A), General Paper (B) and Project Work (A) at H1.

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We would like to place on record our thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of our students. We especially thank the Board of Governors and all staff of the College, and finally we give thanks to God from whom all our blessings flow.

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