A total of 652 students sat for the examinations held in Nov 2017 with 97.9% of them achieving at least 3H2 passes including GP.  This maintains the upward trend the College has seen in recent years.

We are proud of ALL our students. While we cannot highlight them all we have chosen these Saints below as the epitomes of the Saint Spirit and student. They have done us proud not just with their results but because they represent the very best qualities of exemplary Saints demonstrating their ability to balance both academics and co-curricular activities.

Ang Jia Han, Luke (16A06) was an all-rounded Saint who pursued excellence in all that he did. He was a keen learner who had an inquiring mind and set high standards for himself, as evidenced in the many academic awards he received throughout his two years in the College.  While he was consistently among the top of his cohort, he was never arrogant and was a respectful and humble young man who involved himself in many Service Learning programmes. In addition, Luke fully embraced the many opportunities the College offered, and participated in forums such as The Ongoing Conversation with Mr K Shanmugam, as well as the Literature Culture Immersion Trip to London. Luke also represented the College in many competitions as part of the College Football Team, and displayed effective communication skills and leadership qualities as the Subject Representative for Physical Education. Luke has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to balance academics with a healthy co-curricular schedule and is a fine example of an all-rounded Saint, achieving straight As in all subjects at both H2 (History, Economics, and Mathematics) and H1 levels (Physics, General Paper, and Project Work).

Janessa Yu Yiyan (16S17) suffers from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease which impedes her motor and sensory ability and causes muscle weakness which makes walking and writing difficult. Despite her condition Janessa has had a full and varied JC life – she was a member of the CCA Saints-for-Christ and Saints-In-Action (a student-initiated volunteer group), and was part of the College’s Talent Development Programme which gave her the opportunities to participate and lead in the leadership summit ChrySAlis, and the Cultural Immersion Trip to London in 2016. Janessa demonstrated resilience and courage, as she continually stepped out of her comfort zone to broaden her experience. Janessa also received many academic awards for her excellent academic results throughout her time in College. She was awarded the Mrs Grace Ballas Scholarship for outstanding academic excellence, CCA contributions and leadership qualities. She has achieved straight As in all subjects offered at both H2 (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics) and H1 levels (General Paper and Project Work).

R Rishi Kumar (16S16) was an exemplary student who was a servant leader. As the Captain of the College's Hockey Team, he demonstrated great leadership in being the constant source of encouragement to those around him. He galvanised his team and inspired them to work harder when they took part in competitions and ensured that their spirits were up. Rishi was also well-liked by his peers because he was always dependable and helpful. A mature and avid thinker, Rishi was consistent in doing his very best for his academic pursuit. Rishi offered Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Economics (A), and Further Mathematics (B) at H2, and Project Work (A), and General Paper (D) at H1.

Rena Ang En Ting (16A05) was the Captain of the Girls’ Soccer Team, and led her team to achieve third placing in the National ‘A’ Division Competition in 2017. She capably coordinated training sessions with the coach, and even led the team’s Executive Committee to draw up a revision schedule as she recognised the need to strike a balance between commitment to their sport and their academic pursuits. Such thoughtfulness and empathy also extended to the wider community, and Rena was an active participant in many class and College Service Learning projects. A critical thinker and effective communicator, Rena was an invaluable member in class discussions and group work. Her quest for academic excellence was recognised as she was placed on the H2 Literature Honour Roll in 2016, and the H1 Mathematics Honour Roll in 2017. Rena offered Literature (B), History (A), and Economics (A) at H2, and Mathematics (B), General Paper (C), and Project Work (A) at H1.

We would like to place on record our thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of our students. We especially thank the Board of Governors and all staff of the College, and finally we give thanks to God from whom all our blessings flow.

Up and On!