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St Andrew’s celebrates “All-Rounders” of the 2016 GCE  A-Level Examinations!

A total of 630 students sat for the examinations held in Nov 2016 with 96.2% of them achieving at least 3H2 passes including GP.  This maintains the upward trend the College has seen in recent years.

We are proud of ALL our students. While we cannot highlight them all we have chosen these Saints below as the epitomes of the Saint Spirit and student. They have done us proud not just with their results but because they represent the very best qualities of exemplary Saints demonstrating their ability to balance both academics and co-curricular activities.

Charlene Goh Kai Ning (15A04) served as the House Captain of Romanis where she headed several key committees in organising major College events such as Sports Carnival, Graduation Night and Orientation. Her strong leadership ability was demonstrated in how she led the committee in conceptualising and executing the events. A skilled communicator, she served as emcee for College events such as the Jacob Ballas Memorial Ceremony and Kiwi Cup 2016 and was selected to be the moderator for the 2015 Minister’s Dialogue Session with Minister K Shanmugam. Despite her heavy commitments as a student leader, she was also an active member of the Saints’ Chorale, participating in the Singapore Youth Festival and the Singapore Choral Festival. Charlene was a true community builder who gave of her time and care to those around her, and participated in several Service Learning projects. A role model for her peers, her empathetic nature and excellent communication skills saw her awarded the Colours Award in 2016, and the Exemplary Character Award in 2016. Charlene offered Economics (A), Mathematics (A) and Literature (A) at H2, and General Paper (A), Project Work (A) and History (C) at H1.


Kishen Ashok Kumar (15S09) was the Captain of the Hockey Team where he displayed great tenacity and passion as a player. His leadership and determination contributed to his team’s performance the 2015 National Inter-Schools “A” Division competition where they achieved a hard-won Second-Runner Up position for the College. For his contributions to the Hockey Team where he embodied values of a servant leader, Kishen was awarded the Colours Award and the Servant Leader Scholarship in 2016. A highly motivated student who enjoyed the challenge of his course of study, he was a self-directed learner and was on the Honour Roll for many College examinations. His positive disposition and genuine care for those around him also saw him awarded the Exemplary Character Award in 2016. Kishen offered Physics (A), Chemistry (A) and Mathematics (A) at H2, and General Paper (B), Project Work (B) and Geography (A) at H1.


Fang Junwei, Samuel (15S24) was the President of the Audio Visual Aid & Media Club where he organised and led teams in supporting various College events such as Orientation, Teachers’ Day and College Day. He played a dual role as the club’s Public Relations Officer and, through his efforts, contributed to a four-fold increase in club membership. His strong leadership ability also saw him being elected as the Assistant Class Representative. In class, Samuel was a motivated and conscientious student who took initiative in his own learning and was on the Honour Roll for the two College Examinations leading up to the A Levels. Constantly striving for excellence in everything he undertook, Samuel is the epitome of the Servant Leader Saint who leads by example and was awarded the Service Award, the Exemplary Character Award, and the Edusave Character Award (ECHA) in 2016. Samuel offered Chemistry (A), Biology (A) and Economics (A) at H2, and General Paper (A), Project Work (A) and Mathematics (A) at H1. Samuel was from St Andrew’s Secondary School.


Syafiqah Bte Kahllid (15A07) served as the President of the English Drama Club, where she led the Club in the Singapore Youth Festival of 2016, in which they received a Certificate of Commendation. She also exhibited her leadership skills in the production of the annual College Play. Her tenacity and gumption were key qualities demonstrated in her role as the President where she ensured discipline among her peers, earning the trust of her teachers in the Club. With her congenial and easy-going disposition, Syafiqah was well-liked by her peers for her ability to assert a positive influence on others. Her involvement in the cultural immersion programme to Germany underscored her convivial temperament where she was able to develop genuine bonds with students from the Romain-Rolland Gymnasium. Syafiqah offered Mathematics (A), Literature (A) and History (B) at H2, and General Paper (C), Project Work (A) and Economics (B) at H1.


Gabriel Koh Giap Pang (15S02) served as the Captain of the SAJC Rugby Team where his exemplary leadership inspired his team-mates to achieve exuberant results in various tournaments. His ability to communicate well with his team-mates, and in assessing their strengths and weaknesses led the team to clinch the 3rd place in the Singapore Youth Olympic Festival in 2015 and 4th place in the National Schools ‘A’ Division Rugby Championship tournament in 2016. In recognition of his leadership and commitment to guide his peers and juniors, Gabriel was presented Servant Leaders Scholarship and Colours Award in 2016. Despite the heavy commitments of training and matches, Gabriel was still able to contribute back to the community with his involvement in various Service Learning activities like the Overseas Service Learning Programme (OSLP) where he spent two weeks of his school holiday helping Vietnamese children. Gabriel offered Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A), and Physics (B) at H2, and General Paper (B), Project Work (A) and Economics (B) at H1. He has clearly demonstrated that Saints can achieve excellence in all areas of their pursuit and development.

We would like to place on record our thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of our students. We especially thank the Board of Governors and all staff of the College, and finally we give thanks to God from whom all our blessings flow.

Up and On!