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SAJC Celebrates the 2013 A-Level Results


A total of 786 students sat for the examinations held in Nov 2013 with 94.8% of them achieving at least 3H2 passes including GP. St Andrew's Junior College is pleased to announce that this continues an upward trend of achievement.

We are proud of ALL our students and though we cannot highlight them all we have chosen these Saints as the epitomes of the Saint Spirit and student. They have done us proud not just with their results but because they represent the very best qualities of exemplary Saints demonstrating their ability to balance both their academics and their co-curricular activities.

Nathaniel Loh (12A07) epitomises the positive spirit of a Saint. As the President of the 35th Student Council, Nathaniel demonstrated his ability to lead himself, his peers and the College, a student-leader who inspired others to better themselves. Nathaniel's sound judgment, strong convictions and unwavering moral gumption made him an exceptional leader. In recognition of these qualities and his contribution to the College, Nathaniel was shortlisted for the National Young Leader Award (NYLA). Nathaniel was also a leader with a heart - participating in the Youth Leaders' Summit in 2012, where, working together with other student-leaders from Southeast Asia, he visited several nursing homes for the elderly to better understand the government's efforts to tackle the issue of a greying population. Nathaniel was also chosen as a student representative to share his views with the Ministry of Education (MOE) on how Civics and Moral Education lessons are conducted in schools contributing to MOE’s eventual refinement of the current syllabus. Nathaniel heart for those around him was a quality demonstrated when he led the Student Council on a seven-day Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) trip to Cambodia. By eagerly participating in the activities and rallying his fellow councillors to do the same, Nathaniel gained a more nuanced understanding of what it meant to be a student-leader. A true community builder, Nathaniel was passionate about the needs of the larger community he was part of, and championed the task of equipping youths with skills that empower them. To this end, he even dedicated his personal time to mentor his Secondary School juniors.Nathaniel has achieved As for General Paper and Project Work at H1 and English Literature at H2. He has achieved Bs for H1 Mathematics and H2 History and Economics. He is Saint for others to emulate.

Gabriel Teo Guan Kai (12S10) was Captainof the College Boys’ Soccer Team. Gabriel was a highly motivated student who enjoyed the challenge of his course of study. Regardless of his demanding position as Captain Gabriel demonstrated resilience and managed to perform well in school. .A self-directed learner who had the right attitudes and good habits of working towards continual improvement, he was committed to excellence in whatever he undertook.  As soccer captain, he led by example on and off field. He organised extra training sessions to ensure the team was ready for the season. Gabriel was also seen as a role model in the way he balanced his academic and football commitments. He organised study sessions for the team which were fundamental in helping his entire team pass the Promotional Exams. It was so successful that in the beginning of his second year, Gabriel gave a speech to the entire cohort to highlight his study strategies sharing his time management skills. A servant leader, Gabriel led by example and often influenced his classmates and teammates to make them feel valued by watching out for their well-being. He regularly sent his peers encouraging text messages and radiated enthusiasm about school life.Gabriel offered General Paper (B), Project Work (A) and Geography (A) at H1 and Physics (A), Chemistry (A) and Mathematics (A) at H2.

Er Xue Hui (12S06) was Assistant Head Photographer of the College. She was an intelligent and motivated student who needed little guidance in her studies performing well enough to be on the school's academic Honours Roll and even receiving Book Prize in the China Studies in English.  As the Assistant Chief Photographer of the SAJC Photography Society, Xue Hui effectively lead her members in recording major College events and functions. In recognition of her dedication and significant contributions to her CCA, she was presented the SAJC Service Award for Clubs and Societies.  Xue Hui also actively looked for pportunities to develop herself. When selected by the school to be in the SAJC Talent Development Programme, she accepted the challenge and participated enthusiastically in the workshops and social and cultural exposure trips that were organised for its participants. She submitted her Photography portfolio for competition and was selected to attend a renowned photography workshop limited to the top 10 participants. She also presented her works to the public at a local community library.  On the academic front, Xue Hui chose to challenge herself in several Information Technology competitions, such as the National Olympiads in Informatics and Defence Science and Technology Agency Cyber Defenders Camp. Offering General Paper (A), Project Work (A) and China Studies in English (A) at H1 level, and Computing (A), Physics (A) and Mathematics (A) at H2 level, she is a credit as a well-rounded Saint.

RochelleYap Yi Xin (12A01) was Romanis House Captain a position that entailed her spearheading many College activities including the College's Sports Day, Inter-House Games and the National Day celebrations as well as the annual Cross Country and House Leader's Camp. In all she undertook Rochelle showed commendable motivation and always aimed for excellence. However, she did not let her Council duties distract her from academic work demonstrating perseverance and determination in this arena too by taking charge of her learning to design a personalised schedule for revision Rochelle was also instrumental in raising more than $4,000 for St Andrew's Autism Centre showing that her commitment to her community extended to those less fortunate members as well.Rochelle offered General Paper (A), Project Work (B) and English Literature (B) at H1, and History (A), Mathematics(A) and Economics (B) at H2. She is a role model for her fellow Saints exemplifying resilience and perseverance.   

We would like to place on record our thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of our students. We especially thank the Board of Governors and all staff of the College, and finally we give thanks to God from whom all our blessings flow.

Up and On !