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SAJC Celebrates the 2012 A-Level Results

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A total of 724 students sat for the examinations held in Nov 2012 with 94.2% of them achieving at least 3H2 passes including GP. St Andrew's Junior College is pleased to announce that this continues an upward trend of achievement.

We are proud of ALL our students and though we cannot highlight them all we have chosen these four in particular as the epitomes of the Saint Spirit and student. They have done us proud not just with their results but because they represent the very best qualities of exemplary Saints.

Hargaven Singh Gill (11S18) is a true blue Saint who has been in St Andrew’s since Junior School, He was selected to join the Science Scholarship Programme allowing him to pursue his interest in Science by exposing him to enrichment activities and learning journeys, as well as an overseas immersion trip to London. He was always among the top of the cohort at every major examination and his peers respected him as someone who was able to balance the rigorous demands of the academic workload and the heavy commitment in his co-curricular activity. Hargaven was the Captain of the College’s Rugby team. He possessed charisma and a quiet confidence which earned the respect of his team mates as he led the team to retain the Kiwi Cup championship title and a third placing in the National Inter-school Rugby Championships: Police Cup Under-20 finals. He was awarded the Colours Award for his contributions to Rugby in 2012. Hargaven’s success can be attributed to his dedication to put in his utmost best in everything he does. His passion and loyalty to St. Andrew’s Village and to rugby is admirable. In spite of all his achievements in school, he remained a humble student and was always ready to lend a helping hand to others. He often helped his classmates who were weaker at grasping concepts by volunteering to stay back after school to teach them.

Hargaven has a perfect score of 90 rank points achieving straight As for his subjects which included General Paper and project Work at H1 and Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry and Physics at H2. Hargaveen also offer a H3 in Game Theory.

Muhammad Isa Zain Bin Haji S A Z (11S09) was consistently in top 5% of his cohort earning himself a place on the Honours Roll for nearly every major College examination from JC1 onward. His consistent academic performance was achieved despite his commitment to his CCA which was cricket where took third Placing in A Division Cricket Championship in 2012. He was also his civics groups’ Service Learning Representative helping organize a variety of community involvement projects which were accomplished well. He took his responsibility very seriously and would give his time generously to ensure that everything was well organized. Activities were well planned and executed to ensure success. To achieve that, Isa had a strong sense of team work. His enthusiasm was often infectious, which spurred others to be cooperative.  Isa has achieved a credible 87.50 rank points out of a total possibility of 90. He offered General Paper (B), Project Work (B) and Geography (A) at H1 and Physics (A), Chemistry (A) and Mathematics (A) at H2.

Clement Chan (11S12) was a dedicated member of the Basketball Team passionate about training. He demonstrated leadership qualities consistently.  During his time in College Clement experienced a major physical injury that impeded not only his ability to move from venue to venue for his subjects but also interrupted his basketball training. Despite this, he was chosen by his coach and teachers to become the Captain of the Basketball Team because of his exemplary attitude, and was also selected as a member of the National Youth Basketball Team. He was not only an example for his team mates on the basketball court, he also earned the respect of his peers in College with his excellent conduct and willingness to help. Clement achieved a credible 83.7 rank points in the 2012 A level examinations despite the physical difficulties he underwent and despite having missed major examinations in J2 because he was representing Singapore in overseas Basketball competitions. He offered General Paper (C), Project Work (B)and Economics (A) at H1, and Chemistry (A), Mathematics(A) and Biology (A) at H2. He is a role model for his fellow Saints exemplifying resilience and perseverance in the face of physical hardship. 

Poh Jing Hui (11S08) was Vice-Captain of the College’s Canoeing Team, representing the College in the National School’s Canoeing Competitions, National Inter-School Canoeing Competitions as well as Canoeing Marathons, the Standard Chartered Canoeing Marathon and other competitions such as the National Women’s Canoeing Championship (in which she attained a gold medal). In all these competitions she achieved either a 1st place position or was among the top 4. Jinghui’s is a story of resilience, as she was seriously stricken with a viral fever in the middle of the year impacting on her performance during the mid year Block Tests. She had intermittent fever during 2 weeks before her first paper (GP) after which she was hospitalized for more than a week. During her hospitalization, she experienced a intermittent unconsciousness and had problems recognizing people. When discharged she had short term memory loss. However Jinghui did not allow this setback to deter her and persevered and caught up on her work in preparation for Prelims. Offering General Paper (B), Project Work (B) and History (C) at H1 level, and Chemistry (B), Physics (D) and Mathematics (B) at H2 level Jing Hui achieved a creditable 72.5 rank point despite her debilitating illness.  She is a credit to the Saints Spirit.

We would like to place on record our thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of our students. We especially thank the Board of Governors and all staff of the College, and finally we give thanks to God from whom all our blessings flow.

Up and On !