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Rita Tan Mei Ying of 18A05

“The A Level journey was pretty tough, [and] there were a lot of mental struggles. During the prelims, my grandfather was hospitalised and spent a month in the hospital. I had to shuttle to-and-from the hospital, and slept at 1am every day. The biggest support I got was from my teachers, especially my form teacher Mrs Perry. They gave me moral support, came down to visit my grandfather, and even prayed for me.”

Throughout her time in JC, Rita showed grit and resilience. She juggled her responsibilities as a member of the Saints Advocates, whilst maintaining good results. In J2, she was consistently on the honour roll. Rita represented the school in the National Xinyao Competition in 2018, where she clinched first place. With her talent, she also showed compassion for the community, singing and entertaining the elderly community weekly, at the St Andrew’s Nursing Home. Despite her own personal struggles, she was always looking out for others, and because of this, she was well liked in class. Rita has exhibited resilience and excellence amidst the challenges, and has done well for the A levels with As for H2 Chinese Language and Literature, History, Economics, H1 Project Work and Cs for H1 General Paper and Mathematics.

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