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Welcome to the collaboration section of the parents’ portal. This section informs parents on the college’s parents-related events as well as opportunities for partnership with the college on students’ educational development.



In St Andrew’s Junior College, a positive home-school partnership can derive considerable benefits for our students’ overall development. It also allows the parents to share a critical stage of their children’s teenage years and be there for them as they experience a rigorous JC education. The SAJC Home-School partnership is centred on four broad areas:

Striving For Academic Success – To provide parents with greater insights and understanding on the JC system, varying routes of advancement of higher education opportunities, and to provide opportunities for parents to connect with SAJC to find out more about their child’s progress.

Co-learning To Develop Social-Emotional Competencies – To help parents to understand more deeply about the holistic development of a JC student, including seminars on fostering stronger parent-teacher-child dialogues, building on quality communication, etc.

Participating To Strengthen Partnerships – To encourage parents to join in, where possible, college-wide activities to build stronger links between home, child and school.

Contributing To Broaden Opportunities – To provide greater opportunities for parents to support the College in its programmes and aspirations for the students through parental involvement and contributions in various college endeavours.

Family Matters @ School
The school has been appointed by the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF) to implement Family Matters @ School – a program that makes available life enriching programs at school for the parent community simply because FAMILY matters. Our family is the anchor in our lives, bringing us love, joy and warmth. Our family supports us, keeps us rooted and gives meaning to our existence. A happy family does not just happen. It takes effort and commitment. Family Matters empowers us with the resources, knowledge and skills to build a strong, happy family and to nurture strong positive family relationships.