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Deepa and Arjun

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Deepa and Arjun are co-founders of Quantico Centre for Communication and Information Literacy. They met in SAJC and discovered the common love of connecting with others through effective communication.

“We often laugh about how Arjun used to live 10 minutes away from campus, and Deepa lived 90 minutes away, but he was often scraping through just on time or late for school, while she’d be there early. She even offered to pick him up on the way but he could never leave home on time to meet her at the bus stop. We’re still arguing about what time to leave home to go somewhere today!”

When asked about their experience in SAJC, Deepa feels that the analytical, systematic approach to the Arts subjects she took, taught her to think critically and to see things below the surface. These in turn helped her with her work today when she trains organisations to communicate with more impact. On the other hand, Arjun’s experiences in SAJC helped lay the foundation for his career today. Being the Class Chairman and representing SAJC at the national Plain English Speaking Competition helped him to discover joy and confidence in speaking to large groups. He continues to draw on this confidence in academic presentations during his PhD and work training organisations across Asia.

Arjun Khara
Class of 1999/2000, Class Chairman, President of Speakers’ Club, Sub-Editor of college newsletter, Lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Reading, UK, Co-founder of Quantico Centre for Communication and Information Literacy

Deepa Vijayan
Class of 1998/1999, Speakers’ Club, Secretary of Indian Cultural Society, Co-founder and Director, Quantico Centre for Communication and Information Literacy
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