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Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil)

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If you would like to find out more about H2 Chinese Language & Literature (H2 CLL) / H2 Tamil Language & Literature (H2 TLL), you may look at the SAJC Prospectus or contact the following subject tutors:
  • Mdm Wang Min (H2CLL)
    • Email: wang_min @moe.edu.sg
    • (O): 62855600 ext 270
  • Mr Ganapathy Rajagopalan (H2TLL)
    • Email: ganapathy_rajagopalan @moe.edu.sg
    • (O): 62855600 ext 273

 H2 Tamil Language & Literature (H2 TLL)

H2 Chinese Language & Literature (H2 CLL)

H2 Malay Language & Literature (H2 MLL)

1. What is ‘A’ Level Malay Language and Literature?

The Malay language and literature (MLL) aim to nurture students to be cultural transmitters and Asian literature advocates with a deep understanding of the Malay language, culture, values and ethos as well as critical and creative global thinkers with cross-cultural understanding and awareness.
In the language component, students will learn to write essays, comprehension, vocabulary, and commentary writing. Here they are exposed to contemporary prose to evaluate the themes in the given contexts and reflect how these themes relate to themselves, their society, and the world. The process would enhance students’ communication and writing skills, thereby creating their own literary works. 
In the literature component, students will appreciate and analyse novel, short stories, poetry and drama. They will study works from the past and present to develop their literary appreciation and writing skills. This helps to develop cross-cultural understanding and awareness through study of local and overseas literature texts written by the Malay community. Students are also guided to analyse unseen texts that cultivates reflective readers and critical learners through an exposure to a wider range of texts and equipping students with the skills of critical literary analysis. 

2. How is MLL taught at SAJC?
Experiential learning is the main approach in the teaching and learning of MLL. Students are exposed to the various pragmatic application of Malay beyond the campus and the opportunity to engage with authors for the various genres and the various literary organisations. Students learn from the interactive nature of knowledge application with critical thinking and the creative use of technology for collaborative learning.

3. What can you do to prepare yourself for MLL in SAJC?

Develop a sense of the Malay literary scene in Singapore and the region through reading and exploring the Malay literary development and materials both online and in print. Students can also attend Malay literary events and festivities to be near local writers, enthusiasts and professionals. Such experience will develop a deeper understanding and stronger appreciation of the Malay, cultures and values.

4. MLL Syllabus

MLL Syllabus 2023.png

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact the following teachers, 

  • Ms Ng May Fun (Head of Department)
    • Email: ng_may_fun @moe.edu.sg
    • (O): 62855600 ext 316
  • Ms Er Yee Ling (Level Head)
    • Email: er_yee_ling @moe.edu.sg
    • (O): 62855600 ext 268
  • Dr Mohamed PItchay Gani Aziz (Lead Teacher & Malay Tutor)
    • Email: mohd_pitchay-gani_b@moe.edu.sg 
    • (O): 62855600 ext 269
  • Mr Ganapathy Rajagopalan (Tamil Tutor)
    • Email: ganapathy_rajagopalan @moe.edu.sg
    • (O): 62855600 ext 273