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Hello Future Saints, here is what you can expect when you join our St. Andrew’s Netball (SANB) family. 

Currently, our training days are Tuesday and Thursday. The duration of these sessions will be adjusted according to our season. Additionally, we also have a strength and conditioning session. 

Besides our CCA training, here are some of our SANB highlights. Over the past few years, we have played in the Singapore Cricket Club, Daisy Tan and Pesta Sukan Carnivals. SANB players are also given the opportunity to represent Team SAJC in the A Division as well as to go on our annual Kuala Lumpur Trip. Achievement wise, we are proud to say that SANB has achieved top 8 in the A Divisions. 

If you have any experience with the sport, and have the interest and passion to play, come join us at our trials!