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Welcome to SAJC Virtual Open House 2023!

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Principal's Message

Hear from our Principal, Mr Tham Kine Thong as he warmly welcomes all prospective Saints to explore and experience what makes us One Family Unbroken.

Students' Showcase Videos

Here in SAJC, we believe that No One is Here by Chance. In the following collection of videos, you will see stories told by our Saints, of their varied stories and experiences. Through the lens of a camera, they share snippets of their journey in SAJC and if you identify with any of these stories, we invite you to be part of our big family.

Time for School
Get ready for a fun, interactive journey into a day in the life of an SAJC student! Watch to the end of each video and choose your own adventure by clicking what you want to watch next. It's Time For School!
68 Questions
In anticipation of SAJC's E-Open House 2022, we invited all CCA representatives to answer some... interesting questions. Find out where our Saints would want to go on expeditions, what the best training pump-up song is, and the secret that makes CCA in SAJC so special, amongst other things.
SAJC Mythbusters
Just how accessible is SAJC? How is the food in SAJC? What is the Arts Stream like in SAJC? Watch our very own SAJC Mythbusters as they address some myths surrounding the College.
They SAy
“They SAy” sheds light on the tough realities of being a JC student but what really makes it worthwhile after all.
SAJC through your eyes
Follow Nicole, our friendly Saints Ambassador as she brings you on a personal walking tour through SAJC.
Yes, it’s another video call
Are you sick of Facetime and Zoom calls? We assure you this video call is a different one. Follow Zoie as she pokes her nose into different groups of Saints around College on a regular school day.

Join us LIVE at SAJC!

Catch LIVE school tours, dialogue sessions with School Leaders, HODs, Saints and Alumni! 
Shuttle bus service will be provided at Potong Pasir MRT Exit C.

13 January 2023 (Friday), 0900-1600

Please scan the QR code for the schedule or click here.