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ChrySAlis 2019, the sixth St Andrew’s Village (SAV) Student Leadership Summit, was held from 3rd  to 5th June 2019 in SAJC. The Summit brought together approximately 340 student leaders of different ages from the three SAV schools, Christ Church Secondary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, School of the Arts and St Margaret's Secondary School to collaborate, learn and grow together. 

The theme for the year, ‘Be the Change’, echoed the Summit’s call for participants to become agents of change and actively make a difference not only in the our community, but also in our nation.

ChrySAlis 2019 was organised ‘By Student Leaders, For Student  Leaders’. Aligned with this concept, the leadership workshops comprised external speakers and those conceptualised and conducted by student leaders, to enable participants to learn from the experience of their peers as well as current changemakers through engaging workshops and activities.      

The Summit culminated in a community outreach programme – ComPASSIONity – which was , SAV’s inaugural partnership  with the Housing & Development Board. Earlier during the Pre-Summit, Pparticipants exchanged ideas to refine projects, with the aim to advocate for eco-friendliness and good neighbourliness in our the Potong Pasir community. The projects were then carried out during ComPASSIONity where participants engaged with residents in Potong Pasir, to encourage them to be agents of change in the community.      

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