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In St Andrew’s Junior College, we believe that we are ‘One Family Unbroken’ and this means that our connection with the Saints family does not end upon graduation. Former students continue to return to give back to the college in various capacities, inspiring students to pay it forward and help future generations of Saints. Alumni contribute in various ways, providing guidance and support for current students in all aspects of their JC life. 

In terms of academics, former students return to share study tips and provide consultations for students. This was especially evident during the Circuit Breaker period where recently graduated students provided academic support to students via online platforms. Below is a photo of our former students who readily stepped forward to offer academic support to our Saints. 

Alumni consults.jpg

For CCA, former students would return to coach and collaborate with current students to great effect. Key examples are seen through the Football, Dance and Concert Band CCAs.


Alumni Band.jpg
Lastly, Alumni have also helped in preparing our Saints for life beyond JC such as through sharing about university life and career options, as well as providing work-shadowing opportunities for JC1 Saints. 


The inspiring stories of our alumni are also being captured and archived on our Instagram page, @facesofsajc