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Thank you for your interest in SAJC! During the live dialogue sessions with our school leaders, HODs, current Saints and alumni, there were many questions that were being submitted through the google form. However, due to the limited time, we were only able to respond to selected questions. 

Nonetheless, we have compiled some questions that have been submitted but were not answered during the session. We hope that through these responses, you would be able to gain greater clarity on SAJC and our programmes!




Academic Programmes

How will the lectures be conducted during this COVID period?

There will be both physical (conducted with SMM in place) and online lectures. Relevant resources are also provided on subject specific microsite.

Academic Programmes

Who are the individuals  chairing the 2021 JC1 Math and Science departments and what are their plans/goals/scheme of work heading towards the A-levels?

Please refer to the college website: As part of the total curriculum, all departments work collectively towards the preparation of A levels through implementation of a targeted and consistent academic support to students' learning and development.

Academic Programmes

Is there a need for JC students to have a personal learning device like laptops or tablets?

In the new norm of blended learning, having access to a personal learning device would be an advantage to gain from the myriad of technology mediated learning experiences provided.

Academic Programmes

Are the silver pins/awards only given to those who are top in the subject they take? What other academic awards does SAJC offer?

The Academic Key Pins are awarded to students who achieved a good set of results in the 5 major internal examinations over the course of two years, and they also include students who have made significant improvements from the preceding exams. Every student who does well is eligible for an Academic Key Pin. On top of that, there are various College Day Awards and scholarships that recognize students who excel academically as well as other domains (e.g. CCA, leadership).

Academic Programmes

How many students in jc1 enrollment in 2021? How many students in each class?

Based on 2020 intake, there are about 700 students. Class size is about 25.

Academic Programmes

How many people are there in a class/civic group? Would there be a chance for open discussion?

Class size is about 25. We adopt a multi-model approach in T&L, which encourages students' participation and discussion for some.

Academic Programmes

For the common last topics in the sec 4 syllabus, will they be covered by tutors at the start of the semester?

The relevant Sec 4 common last topics will be covered as part of a bridging programme. However, this may not necessarily be carried out at the start of the semester. Instead, it may be included at suitable junctures of the JC curriculum where the required knowledge would be most relevant.

Academic Programmes

Are there any other extra academic opportunities besides TDP?

Our Talent Development Programme provides opportunities for students to be developed in the scholastic & leadership domains as well as gain global experiences. This would empower them to curate their own personal portfolio to learn, lead & serve.  Apart from that, students can also represent the college in academic competitions such as Math and Science Olympiads. 

Academic Programmes

Is the learning pace fast? How do you help your students who are struggling in their course?

The learning pace at the A-levels is generally faster than at the O-levels, given the shorter runway. However, we regularly check on students’ learning and adjust the pacing if need be.  For students who struggle, help is always extended through means such as consultations with teachers or student study groups.

Academic Programmes

What time do lessons usually end?

Depending on subject combinations, most classes have lessons ending between 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Academic Programmes

What is the passing rate for J1 students promoted to J2 yearly?

This is cohort-dependent. Based on 2020, close to 95% was promoted to JC2 this year.

Academic Programmes

What are the distinction rates for the individual subjects from the past A-Level results?

In line with MOE’s emphasis on holistic education and moving away from an over-emphasis on grades, we will not be revealing any stats on our distinctions for any subject.  Suffice to say that each year we have students who obtained the perfect 90 rank points for the A-level exams.

Academic Programmes

How does one ace their studies in SA? Are the resources comprehensive?

A myriad of resources are provided for each subject including lecture notes, tutorial questions, revision packages and past exam questions. Further to this, materials that appeal to a diverse range of learners are also provided. Having said this, students can confidently ace their studies if consistent work is put in through a positive working attitude e.g. preparation prior to tutorial lessons, regular consultations with tutors to seek clarification.

Academic Programmes

What are H3 Subjects like? Did you enjoy it or was it too rigorous to enjoy?

H3 subjects allow students to pursue the subjects at greater depth.  It may be in the form of school-based H3 Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Mathematics or Physics with MOE Partners; or any H3 subjects offered by Institutes of Higher Education such as H3 Game Theory by SMU, H3 Nanyang Research Programme by NTU and H3 Science Research Programme by NUS. Students offering H3 subjects must have the time and ability to manage a workload beyond their subject combination. Further to this, H3 subjects will only be offered to students who have done well for all H2 subjects in the JC1 Promotional Examination.

CCA/Student Leadership

Can we just join a leadership CCA or do they have to choose us?

There are selection processes in place for the various student leadership CCAs, but they are aimed primarily at developing you and helping you find the right CCA that fits you. Student Councillors would need to stand for elections and be elected by the student body. This is an important part of a Student Councillor's journey. Rest assured that every student interested in developing his/her leadership skills will be given the opportunities to do so in SAJC.


Is CCA compulsory in JC? and if I have a outside CCA that is not offered in SAJC, do I still have to select a CCA if it is compulsory?

We strongly encourage every student to participate and actively contribute to at least one CCA.  If you are already participating in a MOE approved CCA conducted externally, then you need not join another CCA in college.


Are there any bridging programmes (eg. academic wise) or briefing sessions for DSA students entering SAJC in 2021? Approximately how many people/percentage of the student population are DSA students?

We will be conducting a briefing session for DSA students. We have around 10% of DSA student every cohort. 


Are we allowed to have external cca such as ncc if we are already registered with our HQ

Yes, you are allowed to have NCC as an external CCA.


Are there any student interest groups?

Yes, for example the InfoComm club was formed 2 years ago to cater to a group of students interested in coding & computing.


Do I need to audition to enter CCAs? Eg. dance

Due to the popularity and limited capacity, some CCAs may conduct audition for students.

College Environment & Facilities

What’s the selection of food there? Is there vegetarian food available?

Within the canteen, there are 8 food stalls and 1 drinks & snacks stall.  There is also a cafe near the canteen selling pastries, sandwiches, ice cream as well as hot drinks (e.g. latte, hot chocolate) and cold drinks.  SAJC is also located near to coffee shops and other eating places outside the college grounds; and students may access these places after their school hours.


Although there is no vegetarian stall due to low sustained demand, individuals preferring vegetarian options may order from the Chinese mixed rice stall or Malay food stall, which sells a variety of dishes.

College Environment & Facilities

How affordable is the canteen food?

The canteen food are affordable and standard meals are available for $2.80 or less.

College environment and facilities

Are most of the food halal certified?

Two of the stalls are managed by Muslim stall vendors.

College environment and facilities

Are there study spots to study at after school?

The library is a popular self-study area.  In addition, there are various areas within the college grounds with study benches.

College environment and facilities

How do I qualify to stay in the dorm?

SAJC students may apply to stay in the hostel, SA Hall, subject to availability of vacancies. Interested students will need to submit an application form and attend an admission interview (together with their Parent / Guardian) to assess suitability.


If I struggled a lot of with A-maths in O level can I still able to take Maths in JC?

The content and skills taught in O-level Additional Mathematics form the foundation for H2 Mathematics and taken as the assumed knowledge based on H2 Mathematics syllabus. The design and intent for H2 Mathematics is to enable students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills to prepare them for tertiary studies in Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and other related disciplines. Such disciplines require a strong foundation in Mathematics. 

However, if you are looking at taking university courses that do not require the knowledge of H2 Mathematics such as tertiary studies in Accountancy, Business, Economics and Psychology, you may want to consider taking H1 Mathematics instead where Additional Mathematics content is not required as part of the assumed knowledge. It is noteworthy that H1 Math has a high weightage of Statistics component which is useful for students who are keen to pursue the above mentioned courses.

You may access information on the assumed knowledge via SEAB website (9758 H2 Math). 


What if I don't meet the requirement for a specific H2 subject because I take combined biology but I only got B3 but requirements need A1 or A2. Is there chances to get the subject

The minimum requirement to take H2 BIO is Combined Science (Biology). Please note that based on the 2020 Cohort of students who take H2 Bio/Chem/Phy, those who attained A2 or below for O-Level Combined Science formed the bottom 5% of the cohort.


What are the requirements for H2 Chem/ H2 Biology?

The minimum requirement to take H2 Chem/ H2 Bio is Combined Science (Chem)/ (Bio). Nonetheless, students who attained A2 or below for O-Level Combined Science generally face difficulties coping with the demands of H2 Bio/Chem/Phy. These students will need to be prepared to work much harder to catch up.


I didn’t take A math and pure science in secondary school because my school didn’t allow NA students to take them, can I still do science stream in SAJC?

Please refer to the 2021 SAJC prospectus for the list of subject combinations that SAJC offers. You need to have at least E Math background to apply for H2 Math and Combined Science background (with the respective science) to apply for the H2 Sciences. You may also wish to note that students who attained A2 or below for O-Level Combined Science generally face difficulties coping with the demands of H2 Bio/Chem/Phy. You may find it more challenging to cope with the rigour of H2 Math and H2 Sciences, and will need to be prepared to work harder to catch up.


How should I decide if I should take Biology or Physics?

You might want to consider your interest, as well as aptitude for the subject. Biology is more content-heavy, while physics involve more applications and calculations. You might want to compare the A Level syllabus for both subjects before arriving at a decision. (syllabus site: Another consideration would be the pre-requisite of the courses that you may be interested to pursue after the A-Level. The information can be found in our prospectus or from the institutes’ websites. 


Can I still take H2 Biology if I have dropped Pure bio after taking triple science?

It is not advisable for students without any background in Biology to take the subject at H2 level. This is because the A level syllabus is a spiraling curriculum that would require the reliance of foundations in Biology at O Level.

Student Development

Heard there are special treatments given to certain privileged groups within the school, is it true?

Everyone in SAJC is accorded equal treatment and given equal opportunities. There is no preferential treatment for any student in the college.

Student Development Programmes

Are there any extra activities for our enrichment?

SAJC have a series a school events to provide the students with a holistic education and balanced school life. In general we start the JC1s off with an eventful orientation once they join the school. There are also class-based and cohort-wide activities and programmes for service learning, work shadowing, learning journeys and camps throughout the 2 years in SAJC. Students are also empowered to initiate projects that seek to improve lives of others and/or to pursue certain interests.

Student Development

Are there night study sessions? If yes, is it compulsory?

Night Study Arrangements consist of opening up study venues in the evening, provision of dinner as well as running of enrichment lessons or academic clinics. They are not compulsory.

Student Development

How many JC1 science Intake students in SAJC?

The student intake is decided by MOE through the JAE posting. It depends on factors such as the number of students eligible and applying for JC. Based on recent trends, we expect an intake of about 700, and about 80-85% of the cohort are Science students.

Student Leadership

How to become a student leader helping backstage and school functions etc? Is that the students’ council?

Student leaders such as Student Councillors plan, organise and execute a range of different programmes. Students who are interested in working back stage in school functions could consider joining AVA or Drama Club where there are excellent development opportunities to develop such skills. Do refer to the CCA section of the Open House microsite for more information on the nature of the different CCAs/ programmes.

Student Leadership

Does SA provide many opportunities for one to take up a leadership role? If yes, what examples are there ?

There are a broad range of opportunities for students to take on leadership opportunities across 3 different domains: leading self, leading peers, and leading college, ranging from class to CCAs. Student leaders will also have the chance to take part in the different development programmes, such as Chrysalis, Residential Leadership Programme.


Student Leadership

How will orientation take place now given the COVID situation?

The Orientation programme will be organised with SMMs in mind. The activities will be carefully planned to create an enriching experience to welcome JC1s while keeping everyone safe.

Service Learning

Is the community service programmes open to all students? Will there be a selection process?

Yes, there are cohort-wide Service Learning opportunities available to all. Students who are more interested in community service can join service-oriented CCAs such as Mentoring Club and Interact Club. For those who are interested in social advocacy and leading service learning projects, Saints Advocate, SAJC's unique service-oriented leadership CCA would be a good choice.

Subject Combinations

Is it possible to change my combination if I am struggling a lot with it?

Students should decide on their subject combination choices carefully. Factors a student should consider include his/her academic strengths, as well as likely courses he/she would like to apply for in the University as a number of these have pre-requisites. Thinking these through carefully would lower chances of feeling the need to struggle just to cope. We have a produced a SAJC Prospectus which delineates the possible subject combinations we offer as well as the subject requirements for various courses in our local universities.  Students can also make an informed decision on their subject combinations by consulting the tutors or attending sample lectures.  Students are given up to the end of term 1 to decide whether they are able to cope with the subject(s) they are offering and are allowed to change subject combination.  They shouldn’t be changing too many subjects or doing so much later as that would affect their learning. 

Subject Combinations

Will I stand a lower chance of entering the school if I take combined Science and no A math?

Entry into the college is first decided by L1R5, not by subjects examined at O-levels.

Subject Combinations

When do I have to choose my subject combination?

Subject registration will be done during the Orientation period after you have reported to the College. Details will be made known at that point.

Subject Combinations

Can I still apply for the arts stream if I only have one humanities subject?

Yes, there are no prerequisites for any humanities subject.

Subject Combinations

I did not take higher Chinese in secondary school. Does this mean the Chinese subject I take in JC will affect my overall a level grade?

You will need to study H1 Chinese at A-Level if you did not take Higher Chinese at O-Level. The grade you obtained for H1 Chinese does not need to be included in the University Admission Points if it does not help in the overall computation. However you have to meet the minimum requirement of a "S" grade (40%) for local university admission.

Subject Combinations

What is the diff between 3 H2 + 1 H1 and 4H2?

Typically, a H2 subject is about twice that of a H1 subject in terms of content scope and teaching/learning time. A student with a 4 H2 combination will therefore face a heavier and demanding workload compared to one with only 3 H2 and 1 H1. The timetable, for instance, are likely to have longer days or more packed.

Subject Combinations

If I want to do 4H2 however I do not meet Gross aggregate of 9, would I stand a chance being granted this combination?

You may submit an appeal to take a 4H2 combination if you did not meet the L1R5 gross aggregate of 9 or better. Details on how to appeal will be made known during the subject registration.

Subject Combinations

My daughter didn't take A Maths in O level. She took Chem, biology history/social studies, literature. She want to pursue Science stream. Can you please advise the best subject combination that SAJC offers suitable for my daughter?

Based only on this information, it will be difficult to make any recommendation. Knowledge of her actual performance in the subjects, her inclination towards any particular university courses as well as career paths would help.


What is the criteria to be able to join the Talent Development Programme?

L1R5 raw score of 9 points (Science) and 10 points (Arts) or better; A pass in Higher Mother Tongue is preferred; excellent CCA record and testimonial; evidence of strong leadership qualities. 
In addition, it is preferable for Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) candidates preferably to have Distinction grade in English Language; Science Scholarship Programme (SSP) candidates to have Distinctions in at least 2 Pure Science subjects (one of which must be Chemistry) and a Distinction in Additional Mathematics.


How many people are in the Talent Development programme (TDP)?

Each TDP cohort is about 80-100 students.


Which laptop is commonly used in SAJC?

Window based notebook are common. We do not specify or promote any particular brand.


Must I take up economics if I want to work in the financing sector in the future?

No. Economics is not a prerequisite for any university courses.


How SAJC teachers will work with parents to ensure students are managing their studies well during the short 2 year JC education.

There are progress reports to keep parents/guardians updated of child's/ward's performances in their studies. Civic Tutors will get in touch with parents/wards if a child/ward is not coping with his/her studies. Parents may also get in touch with tutors when there is a need for more support.

Time Tabling & CCA

What time does school end on a CCA day and on a normal curriculum day?

CCA takes place throughout the week.  Your time table is dependent on your subject combinations.


Are we allowed to wear half uniform on non PE days? Or must we still wear full school uniform?

Due to the Covid-19 SMMs where students are allowed to wear half-uniform together with their face mask.  During non-pandemic period, dress-down days are Wednesday and Friday.


Are the schools or MOE allocating students to their respective schools?

The allocation of students is done by MOE through the JAE posting. It depends on factors such as the O Level cohort eligible for JC and applying for JC.


What if I am non-religious?

We welcome everyone regardless of race or religion as we believe that No one is here by chance.