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Work Shadowing

This programme is an extension of the College's Education & Career Guidance Programme which aims to prepare our students for the world of work and for life in the larger community.

This is a platform for experimental learning for students which allows one to be attached to a variety of work situations, 'keeping in step with' a professional, observing the various tasks performed in his job, and learning about his role. It is hoped that this will provide the student with greater clarity on his career inclinations and awareness of his intrinsic work values.

  • To allow students to explore a career or a range of careers which they are already interested in.
  • To create in students an interest in a career area they might not have considered previously
  • To help students become more aware of the significance of industry and commerce, and the way these work
  • To enable students to take cognizance of the skills and attitudes that are highly valued in the workplace
  • To allow students to use the experience as an opportunity to develop themselves along the domains of the 4 Qualities of a Saint
  1.  Exemplary Character - The capacity to display and enact the College values of Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Compassion and Humility. This Quality provides the foundation for the other Qualities.
  2. Community Builder - The passion to share skills, talents, knowledge and experiences to strengthen and develop oneself as well as the community
  3. Holistic Thinker - The ability to display Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Caring Thinking and Forward Thinking.
  4. Skilled Communicator - The aptitude in expressing one's thoughts, feelings and needs with genuineness, respect and clarity.

Key features:

  • Observing a professional(s) or mentor(s) at work
  • Talking to professionals about the background of their work
  • Observing or talking to other people with whom the mentor(s) come into working contact
  • Assisting the mentor(s) by carrying out assigned tasks/projects/assignments/events
  • Sitting in professional meetings/conferences

This programme takes place annually from late November to early December.