Student Leadership Programme


Student leadership development is a key pillar in how we nurture our Saints to be Servant Leaders Who Bring Life to the Nations. SAJC aspires for every Saint to be a servant leader who exercises both self-leadership and influence regardless of their position or title in life.


Using our own signature Competencies Assessment Tool, we aim to grow Saints in their awareness of the competencies of a Servant Leader and guide them in the development of the Qualities of a Saint. The tool is used for the students’ personal target setting and self-monitoring of their growth in the various leadership competencies.



Saints are provided with various opportunities to develop their leadership of self and others in their classes, co-curricular activities, the College and the wider community.


a. Leadership Development in Class

Each Saint is equipped with practical tips on how best to carry out their duties in the class committee role that they are elected into. They are charged to be proactive in initiating new ideas on areas of service for their teachers and peers, hence learning to put others before themselves.


b. Leadership Development in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Through CCAs, students develop a deeper understanding of how to effectively lead their peers in their capacity as members of the executive committee. The College also provides platforms for CCA leaders to form networks and acquire necessary skills which are essential to their growth as leaders. In harnessing these skills, CCA leaders are equipped to facilitate the development of their peers in their CCAs.


c. Leadership Development through Student Leadership CCAs


i. Student Council



As student leaders, Student Councillors serve as role models to their peers by embodying the Qualities of a Saint. They serve the College by spearheading the organisation of College events and student welfare initiatives. Student Councillors play an essential role in influencing and rallying their peers to promote College and House Spirit. These opportunities provide authentic learning experiences for Student Councillors in their development as servant leaders.



ii. Saints Advocate



The Saints Advocate plays a pivotal role in connecting students with the community. Within the College, they lead the student population in appreciating and raising awareness of different marginalised groups through campaigns and fund raising. As the bridge between the community and the College, Saints Advocate continue to lead and inspire the student population to care for the community.





Student Leadership Residential Programme

Student Leaders will be given the opportunity to participate in a Student Leadership Residential Programme. They will participate in training modules to equip them with essential skills for their leadership journey. This programme also aims to promote values such as independence and self-discipline.


d. St Andrew’s Village Student Leadership Summit - ChrySAlis


A collaboration between St Andrew’s Junior School, St Andrew’s Secondary School and St Andrew’s Junior College, ChrySAlis is an annual student leadership summit which aims to equip students to be servant leaders in the 21st Century. This is done by providing training and development through dialogues, workshops as well as engagement programmes with the larger community. Students from Student Council, Saints Advocate and the Talent Development programme work hand-in-hand to support the planning and execution of ChrySAlis.



For more details on Student Leadership Programme, please contact:


Ms Wong Yingyi



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Ms Rachael Goh