SLEAD Curriculum

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SLEAD Curriculum Overview

a.     1 Vision

b.     2 Year Curriculum

c.     3 Habits of a Servant Leader

d.     4 Qualities of a Servant Leader

e.     5 Themes of SLEAD Curriculum

f.       12 Competencies of a Servant Leader

a.    1 Vision

The SLEAD curriculum is aligned to the College Vision:

Home of Servant Leaders who bring life to the Nations

b.    2 Year Curriculum

The SLEAD curriculum spans over 2 years and will be conducted during JC1 and JC2 SLEAD Hour.

c.    3 Habits of a Servant Leader

A Servant Leader practises the following 3 Habits:

i.      Desires to serve (Heart)

According to Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership “begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead”. The heart of a Servant Leader never seeks to accomplish things for personal gain or glory – sharply different from a self-serving leader. The motivation to serve others is at the heart of what it means to be a Servant Leader.

ii.   Learns to lead (Head)


A Servant Leader constantly hones his ability to think critically and creatively, looking for effective ways to tackle problems and practising regular reflection to take stock of his own learning. A Servant Leader understands that leadership is a journey rather than a destination. He is continually learning and improving himself because he understands that being a good leader involves cultivating knowledge and expertise so that he may grow in his capacity to serve others.


iii. Dares to act (Hands)

A Servant Leader reaches out with courage and conviction to serve the community. Beyond desiring to serve and learning to lead, a Servant Leader dares to take action. He is willing to make personal sacrifices and prioritise the needs of others, especially the least privileged in society. A Servant Leader regularly reflects on the effectiveness of his actions.  As Greenleaf puts it, the best test of this is for the Servant Leader to ask whether those served have grown to become better people. Through continued reflection and learning, a Servant Leader’s Competencies grow and his actions begin to uplift the whole community.


d.    4 Qualities of a Servant Leader

A Servant Leader demonstrates the Qualities of a Saint:

i.     Exemplary Character

A Saint anchors to core values that guide him in making sound moral choices and displays consistent behaviour across a range of situations.

ii.    Skilled Communicator

A Saint shows empathy, listens actively, and communicates persuasively.

iii.   Holistic Thinker

A Saint thinks critically & creatively, provides effective solutions, and cares to reflect on the wider impact of his actions.

iv.  Community Builder

A Saint cares about society, prioritises growing others, and uplifts the community.


e.    5 Themes of SLEAD Curriculum

i.     The Servant Leader in Me;

ii.    The Servant Leader and Choices;

iii.   The Servant Leader in Relationships;

iv.   The Servant Leader as Citizen;

v.    The Servant Leader in Service

f.          12 Competencies of a Servant Leader

Exemplary Character

Skilled Communicator

Holistic Thinker

Community Builder

Anchors to core values (E1)

Shows empathy (S1)

Thinks critically & creatively (H1)

Cares about society (C1)

Makes sound moral choices (E2)

Listens actively (S2)

Provides effective solutions (H2)

Prioritises growing others (C2)

Displays consistent behaviour (E3)

Communicates persuasively (S3)

Cares to reflect (H3)

Uplifts the community (C3)