An integral component of the SLEAD (Servant Leadership Education and Development) curriculum, the Citizenship Education programme in SAJC cultivates Saints who desire to serve the nation, learn to shoulder the responsibilities of a citizen, and dare to act towards securing our future.

Saints play an active role in shaping CE programmes. Class committee representatives known as Saints Activists are given the opportunity to lead their class during lessons and assembly programmes.  At SAJC, we believe that to cultivate responsible citizens who are genuinely concerned for Singapore, we must empower them to be self-directed learners and enable them to take greater ownership of the learning activities and discussions in the classroom. Teachers help to guide students through complex issues and facilitate authentic learning experiences.



Creating memorable milestones for students through the four Commemorative Days (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, and National Day) is a key feature in SAJC’s range of CE programmes. To truly engage students at Junior College level, CE learning resources are based on authentic materials, drawn from the rich vein of works produced by Singapore’s authors, artists, playwrights and academics. 



Over the years, our students have had the opportunity to engage in a wide plethora of arts-based experiences from
Spoken Word showcases to Forum Theatre performances. These experiences serve as a starting point for teachers to broach complex topics such as race relations and national identity in the classroom. In addition, students also have the opportunity to interact with political office holders during SG Perspectives dialogue sessions. These sessions give students a clearer understanding of the rationale behind important policy decisions and how they could impact us.


The CE programme in SAJC is also enriched by the strong partnerships we have built with local organisations and institutions. We have a long-standing partnership with Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC). During National Day every year, we collaborate with them on the Giraffes Singapore programme which encourages ordinary Singaporeans to go beyond their comfort zones and make positive contributions to our society.


We have also forged strong ties with the 8
th Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment as part of the SAF-Schools Partnership Programme. Our partners have played a pivotal role in creating authentic and meaningful learning experiences for our Saints.



For more details on the Citizenship Education Programme, please contact:

Mr Sashikumar Jaichandra