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Physical Education

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Physical education is an integral aspect of St Andrew’s Junior College’s belief in developing all-rounded individuals who are ready to live and work in an increasingly globalised world. As such, physical education and the annual National Aerobic Physical Fitness Assessment (NAPFA) is a compulsory component of the curriculum.

General Aim
  1. To provide students opportunities to fully develop the physical, psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains of physical education.
  2. To nurture in students a sound and positive attitude towards life-time sports participation, independent maintenance of physical fitness and the skills & knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To provide students opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills needed to appreciate the aesthetic value of physical activity and movement.

Weight Management Programme
The height and weight of all students are measured at least twice a year. Students who are found to be not within the accepted weight range are enrolled in our Weight Management Programme. Students who are not in the acceptable weight are to attend compulsory morning runs twice a week on the days stipulated by their PE teacher.

Once enrolled in the College’s Weight Management Programme, a student’s attendance for all activities of the programme is compulsory and takes priority over all CCA activities.