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Talent Development Programme

In accordance to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, the Talent Development Programme (TDP) in SAJC has been organised to include leadership, scholastic, and sports and aesthetic talents.

The year 2009 saw the initiation of the St Andrew’s Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) for outstanding students who had done well in the Humanities subjects in the GCE ‘O’ level Examinations. In 2010, the St Andrew’s Science Scholarship Programme (SSP) was launched to provide for the exceptional students in the Sciences.

Saints in the Talent Development Programme are empowered to learn, to lead and to serve. The TDP equips them with a strong foundation that will enable them to confidently overcome obstacles and take on new challenges.

True to our enduring vision to nurture Home of Servant Leaders who bring life to the Nations, the TDP curriculum encompasses 21st century leadership competencies of information and communication skills, critical and inventive thinking, civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills.

The TDP offers students a customised curriculum track and stimulating pedagogical approaches coupled with authentic learning experiences. Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities that have been specially devised to stimulate and inspire them. They will be encouraged and emboldened to take the path less trodden.

Besides enriching the curriculum with unique educational experiences, one of the aims of these Scholarship programmes is to prepare the Saints for top scholarships offered by the government ministries and public organisations.

Core Features of the TDP
The Talent Development Programme provides a myriad of programmes that cater to the unique developmental needs of individual scholars. The Core Features include

Specialised Profiling
Each scholar is profiled via various tools such as the DISC and RIASEC personality tests so that he understands his preferred working style and career interests. The scholars will be able to explore their work values and discover the higher education options that match his prospective career options.

Coaching for Success
TDP scholars enjoy the privilege of the small group-based tutorial system. This provides rich opportunities for in-depth discussions that nurture critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The TDP teacher spends quality time in providing effective, timely and personalised guidance to each scholar through one-to-one reviews of the scholar’s personal portfolio. These sessions assess the scholars’ attainment level in each of the four Qualities of a Saint at timely milestones. The TDP teacher then proposes programmes that allow the scholars to achieve growth in their personal and professional life. These mentor-mentee interactions allow the scholar to realise his sense of purpose that lie behind his goals.

Nurturing Servant Leaders
The Servant Leadership Camp serves as a platform to convey to our scholars the philosophy of Servant Leadership, as prescribed by Robert Greenleaf. Through a series of experiential learning activities, Saints will be “stamped” with the mark of a Saint.

One of the highlights of the Camp is the Thinkathon, an activity that encourages scholars to work collaboratively to design a real-world project with a community focus. By presenting their proposals to a panel of judges and their peers, scholars will hone their critical and creative thinking, planning and organisational skills as well as effective communication. Scholars will glean fresh insights into the feasibility, usefulness, relevance and limitations of their proposals and be able to generate better ideas in future.

Gaining Global Perspectives
Overseas experience allows scholars to deepen their global insights, broaden their perspectives and enhance their appreciation for the Humanities and Sciences. Visits to renowned institutes of higher learning such as Imperial College, research facilities such as the Royal Society, and exchanges with schools overseas like Gumley House Convent School and Romain Rolland Oberschule Gymnasium in Germany are part of their planned programme of activities.

Such exchanges will heighten their appreciation of the significance of history and culture, and these platforms allow them to exercise their powers of observation, communication skills as well as pique their intellectual curiosity about life beyond Singapore.

Learning From Community Leaders
Saints increase their awareness and broaden their understanding of local governance and the role of leadership and community services in Singapore through talks with Ministers and community leaders. These sessions with government, community and business leaders allow scholars to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest developments in the community and marketplace. The ability to hold conversations and dialogue with community leaders will instill greater confidence and allow them to hone their communication and thinking skills.

Interdisciplinary Learning
TDP scholars are challenged to examine historical and current events and to form new insights and knowledge through the interdisciplinary application of concepts. The programme incorporates independent learning and problem-based learning to prepare scholars for the intellectual rigour of university and beyond. Scholars will enjoy flexibility in choosing topics for their research projects which they will subsequently share with different audiences. In particular, SSP scholars are strongly encouraged to apply for prestigious research attachments like the A*STAR Young Researchers Programme, Science Research Programme and Nanyang Research Programme. These programmes will give them the opportunity to carry out inter-disciplinary exploration under the guidance of experienced mentors. This allows them to see beyond the textbook and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

TDP Electives
H3 Subjects
TDP scholars are encouraged to take subjects at the H3 level to challenge their cognitive abilities. Such subjects are administered by local universities and scholars will get the opportunity to research the subject area of their interest in programmes like the NUS-MOE HSSRP (Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme).

Pre-University Seminar
TDP scholars are eligible to participate in this seminar where they will engage in discussions with their peers and renowned leaders on the political, social and economic issues that shape the future of Singapore. The seminar provides scholars with the opportunity to network with like-minded youths across the nation.

Work Shadowing Programme
The Work Shadowing experience aims to prepare scholars for the world of work and for life in the larger community. The experiential learning platform allows scholars to be attached to a variety of work situations, to ‘keep in step with’ a professional so that they can better observe the various tasks performed and learn about the profession. Through the programme, scholars will gain greater clarity on his career inclinations and a finer awareness of his work values such as his preference of work environment, inclination towards team work and career stability.

Overseas Community Involvement Programme
The Overseas Community Involvement Programme is an essential component of SAJC’s Servant Leadership training programme where students get to practise servant leadership through experiential learning in authentic settings. Scholars will achieve greater awareness of their role as global citizens today and gain a deeper understanding of the social conditions of the host community so as to better serve and learn from them. Through this, scholars will become more effective community builders and caring thinkers.

College Representation in External Competitions
Scholars are encouraged to challenge themselves by participating in competitions organised by the institutes of higher learning, statutory boards, and commercial organisations. They can pit their skills and knowledge against their peers from other colleges, and also to engage in collaborative learning. Such competitions are organised by institutions like the Ministry of Finance, Urban Redevelopment Authority and Shell.

Saints will also have many opportunities to deepen their passion for different subject areas through special programmes such as the Singapore International Model United Nations (SIMUN) conferences, Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) and attachments to A*STAR.