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1. What is ‘A’ Level Chemistry?

Content Map H1 Chemistry.png

Content map for H1 Chemistry

Content Map H2 Chemistry.png

Content map for H2 Chemistry

2. How is H1 and H2 Chemistry taught at SAJC?

  • Complete lecture notes are provided.
  • The lectures are recorded and screencasts will be available online.
  • The format for tutorials follows as such:
    Self-check questions 🡪 Discussion questions 🡪 Assignment questions

We provide comprehensive and step-by-step approaches to unpacking difficult concepts and topics by making use of the following:
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide students in problem solving
  • Concise yet detailed summary worksheets
  • Flowcharts and concept maps
  • Criteria of success listed to guide students in their answering techniques
  • Revision packages that are organised into topical, integrated, and full papers for students to level up gradually.
Practicals (for H2 Chemistry only) – we offer a rich range of experiments for students to gain valuable experience. You will get to carry out most of the major organic distinguishing tests, featuring striking visual changes such as the silver mirror formation.

3. What can I do to prepare myself for Chemistry?

  • Listen actively in lectures – highlight key phrases and constantly think about what is being said. When time is given during lectures to attempt questions, take part actively.
  • Complete the relevant self-check questions as indicated on the lecture notes once the lecture content is covered. Once the self-check questions are complete, check the answers and consult your tutor if you have doubts.
  • Once you are confident about the self-check questions, move on to the discussion questions. These will be discussed in tutorials.
  • Revise your work periodically. There will be revision packages with suggested schedules to help you stay on track.
You may also visit the following SEAB website for the detailed syllabus information.
H1 Chemistry.png
H1 Chemistry Syllabus
H2 Chemistry.png
H2 Chemistry Syllabus
H3 Chemistry.png
H3 Chemistry Syllabus