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1. What is ‘A’ Level History?

H2 History encourages students to examine key developments in the political, economic and social history of the second half of the twentieth century. It aims to broaden students’ perspectives through a study of the interplay between power politics and agency of diverse actors, the clash of opposing ideologies, and the tensions between national and international interests as various actors sought to shape the international and regional (Southeast Asia) order after World War II. The syllabus also provides choice and flexibility through students’ selection of case studies and the specific inquiries they undertake.

The H2 History syllabus comprises two papers, namely Paper 1: Shaping the International Order (1945-2000) and Paper 2: The Making of Independent Southeast Asian (Independence-2000).

2. How is History taught at SAJC?

Like other subjects in a JC, lessons are structured using a lecture-tutorial system, in which conceptual knowledge is taught during lectures and their applications are practiced in tutorials by an experienced team of History teachers at SAJC. There is a good balance of rigor and fun in our tutorials, where we constantly seek to ensure an enriching and engaging learning experience for our students. At the JC1 level, you can expect more varied lesson activities as we seek to build your foundation in terms of content and skills in an interesting manner. At JC2, we will be more focussed on preparing students for the rigor and standards of the ‘A’ Level exams. Through it all, the History teachers will regularly seek student feedback in refining our progammes and lessons so that learning can be made more effective.

3. What can I do to prepare myself for History?

In terms of attitude, you need to be diligent, determined and disciplined. Consistency is key to ensure that you do not fall back too far behind. For lectures, attendance and attention are necessary. You should practice active listening so that you can take down analysis being explained and highlight key points in your notes. If lost, you should approach your friendly and approachable History teachers for help. History is not for the faint-hearted or the unmotivated but if you are committed and interested, you will not regret taking the subject.

You may also visit the following SEAB website for the detailed syllabus information.
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H1 History Syllabus
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H2 History Syllabus