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China Studies in English

1. What is ‘A’ Level H1 China Studies in English?


China Studies in English focuses on the transformation of China since 1978 and its future. It allows students to develop the relevant knowledge and critical thinking skills to pursue a holistic understanding of contemporary China and to be cognisant of larger global trends. In the long run, it seeks to enable students to potentially contribute in their own capacity to further Singapore-China interactions.

China Studies in English is only offered at the ‘A’ Levels and at SAJC, we offer it at H1 level as a contrasting subject for both Arts and Science students.

What can I learn from China Studies in English?

The issues-based approach provides focus for the discussion of the developments in contemporary China. It supports and offers opportunities for constructivist teaching and learning as the study of issues will provide students with a way to thoughtfully consider how individuals and institutions in a society interact and relate to each other, and give them a meaningful way of using knowledge from relevant sources. It also requires students to utilise critical thinking skills such as reflective thinking and drawing conclusions through analysing different sources of information.

What do we study in China Studies in English?

The two issues (‘State-society relations in China’ and ‘China as a global power’) serve to guide discourse in the key knowledge dimensions in China Studies in English which involves politics, society, economy and international relations.

Topics that will be taught include the growth of Chinese civil society, the urbanisation process in China as well as Sino-US relations and China’s contributions at the UN.

2. How is H1 China Studies in English taught at SAJC?

We adopt a seminar-style approach in the teaching of H1 China Studies in English, where content and skills are taught concurrently during lessons. Due to the dynamic and contemporary nature of the content, we are able to use very current materials (online or in print) to make our lessons more relevant and interesting. We also encourage active student participation through a variety of activities such as online quizzes, debates, and group projects like poster-making. Through these activities, students stay engaged and are able to appreciate the relevance of the subject, even in the context of their other subjects like Economics and General Paper.

3. What can I do to prepare myself for H1 China Studies in English?

H1 China Studies in English is for you if you are interested in current affairs, especially on present-day China, willing to read widely, and have a good command of English, essay writing and reading ability.
You do not need knowledge of the Chinese language in order to offer this subject as all materials, lessons and assessment will be in English.You may also visit the following SEAB website for the detailed syllabus information.H1 CSE.png
H1 China Studies in English Syllabus