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Course Requirements and Prerequisites at 'A'-Levels
1. Besides General Paper (GP), Project Work (PW) and Mother Tongue Language (MTL) at H1 level, students are required to offer three H2 and one H1 content-based subjects, at least one of which is a subject from a contrasting discipline.

2. Students may offer 4 H2 subjects if they have attained an L1R5 (without bonus points) of 9 or lower.

3. To continue with 4 H2 subjects in JC 2, a student must pass all H2 subjects in the JC 1 Common Test and Final Examinations. Their status will be reviewed after the Common Test to determine whether they can continue with their 4 H2 subject combination. If a student taking 4 H2 subjects needs to drop a H2 subject, he or she must drop the weakest H2 subject to H1 level. Students who are eligible and keen to take a 4 H2 subject combination must still indicate a 3 H2 subject combination as their 3rd choice for subject registration.

4. Any H1 subject can be offered as long as resources allow. Subjects offered at H1-level (excluding GP, PW, MTL) are:

Humanities & the Arts
Economics, Geography, History, Literature in English, China Studies in English
Mathematics & Sciences
Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

The various subject combinations available in our College are found on pages (8)  to (10) of the College Prospectus.

5. 2020 Indicative Grade Profiles

Based on the number of places that were available for the various subject combinations offered in 2020, the following were the Indicative Grade Profiles of the corresponding subjects at O-Level:

Subject OfferedCorresponding Subject at O-Level
5th Percentile*
H2 Mathematics
Additional MathematicsB3
H2 Biology
Pure BiologyB3
  Combined Science A2
H2 Chemistry
Pure ChemistryB3
  Combined ScienceA2
H2 Physics
Pure Physics
 Combined Science  A2

* 5th percentile refers to the bottom 5% of the 2020 Cohort who attained B3 or below for Additional Mathematics and Pure Sciences, and A2 or below  for Combined Sciences

6. In choosing your subject combination, it is critical for you to consider the course you would like to pursue in university and their minimum subject requirements. A summary of these are found on page (15) to (32) of the College Prospectus.

7. Students are required to obtain at least a D7 for Higher Mother Tongue subject at 'O' level Examinations in order to be exempted from MTL.

Students who offer MTB at 'O' level will continue with MTB at 'A' level.

8. H2 Art or H2 Chinese Language & Literature or H2 Tamil Language & Literature may be used to replace one H2 subject in certain subject combinations. Refer to page (8) and (9) of the College Prospectus for more information.

9. H3 subjects may be offered by outstanding students who score distinctions for all H2 subjects in the JC 1 Promotional Examination.

A H3 subject must be offered together with the corresponding subject at H2 level. Students can apply for H3 subjects offered by either SMU, NUS or NTU. H3 subjects have syllabi that are of much higher level of difficulty. Students offering H3 subjects must have the time and ability to manage a workload beyond the norm subject combination.

10. To repeat a course of study, only applications from students with at least a good conduct grade will be considered.

11. Repeating students may choose to re-take PW. Hence students should continue to attend PW classes until the PW results are released and they decide not to re-take the subject.

12. Repeating students are not allowed to take 4 H2 subjects.