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Returning Singaporeans/International Students

Returning Singaporeans
Thank you for your interest in joining St Andrew's Junior College.

All Returning Singaporean (RS) children who wish to be considered for admission to St Andrew's Junior College are required to participate in the School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans (SPERS) jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Principal’s Academy.

Based on the SPERS results, MOE would provide each applicant with a list of eligible schools. Applicants may choose to apply for SAJC if he or she is eligible and MOE will post the students to SAJC subjected to availability of places.

Click here to download the SAJC Registration form for SPERS 2020.

International Students Seeking Admission to JC 1 in Jan 2020 
Thank you for your interest in joining St Andrew's Junior College.

We are unable to consider any application for admission of international students for 2020 JC1 admission until AFTER the placement of both local students and overseas scholars who will be posted by the Ministry of Education at end January 2020 after the release of the GCE O level results and subsequent Joint Admission Exercise.

The College will only consider such admissions provided
(i) there are still available vacancies to be filled after the results of the Joint Admission Exercise
(ii) the student has an excellent or at least better than equivalent academic requirement to the Singapore GCE 'O' level Cambridge requirement for entry into SAJC.