Frequently Asked Questions (updated Feb 2023)

This FAQ addresses some concerns you may have about entering SAJC. If you still have more to ask please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help. You can click here to send us an e-mail.



1. What is the aggregate score to get in to the College ?

The cut-off based on 2023's Joint Admission Exercise was: Science – 9; Arts – 10.

2. Can I combine subjects from different streams?

The JC curriculum requires all students whatever JC they are in to offer a contrasting subject. Therefore if you are in the science faculty you would have to offer a contrasting subject from the arts or humanities. Similarly, if you are in the arts faculty you would have to offer either a science or mathematics subject. This provides you with a broad base of learning and will prepare you more effectively for the multi-disciplinary approaches that are being taken in university education. Check out the subject combinations offered by SAJC here.

3. How many subjects do I have to do in JC?

Generally you would offer three H2 content based subjects and one H1 content based subject. One of the four content based subjects must be from a contrasting discipline. In addition you would do General Paper (GP), Mother Tongue (MTL) and Project Work (PW) at H1 level. Students who have done exceptionally well in the GCE O level Exams may also apply to do four H2 subjects, on top of GP, MTL and PW at H1 level. Check for details on subject combination offered by SAJC here.

4. I did Combined Sciences for my “O” levels. Can I take pure Science subjects at H2 level?

If you did not offer pure science subjects at “O” level, that is, pure Physics or pure Chemistry, you are strongly advised to choose a combination that has only one science subject at H2 level. Check out the subject combinations offered by SAJC here.

5. I am opting for a combination with Arts and Humanities H2 subjects but also want to do Mathematics. Can I ?

Check out Arts combinations offered by SAJC. Some H2 combinations do offer Mathematics. Students who offer these combinations are advised that to cope with H2 Mathematics, they should have a strong background in Additional Math at “O” level. Alternatively students may wish to opt for Mathematics at H1 level as their contrasting subject. Check out the requirements for specific subject combinations here.

6. What is KI ?

KI is a subject that will give you the opportunity to explore the different methods of inquiry in areas like the sciences, humanities, aesthetics and mathematics. SAJC does not offer KI.

7. Is there a triple science H2 combination offered ?

SAJC does not offer a triple science H2 subject combination. Check out the subject combinations offered by SAJC here.

8. Can I offer Art as a subject at SAJC ?

H2 Art may be used to replace one H2 subject in the 3H2 1H1 Arts or Science combinations (refer to SAJC Prospectus 2021 p.8 & 9) provided students fulfil the contrasting subject requirement. Note that H2 Art cannot be taken together with H2 CLL, H2 MLL or H2 TLL. Art is also offered at H1 level.

9. I am interested in offering Music as a H2 subject. Does SAJC offer Music as a subject ?

SAJC does not offer Music.

10. Does SAJC offer assistance for students who have financial difficulties ?

Yes, there are several financial assistance schemes available. Besides MOE’s financial schemes, we also have some that are awarded annually through the generosity of members of the St Andrew’s community to needy students who show academic and/or sports prowess and leadership qualities.

11. Is there any advantage if I am from one of SAJC’s affiliated schools ?

Students from affiliated schools get 2 bonus points when they select SAJC course(s) as their top choice(s). Our affiliated schools are Anglican High School, Christ Church Secondary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Presbyterian High School, St. Andrew’s School, St Hilda’s Secondary School and St Margaret’s Secondary School.

12. How should I decide what subjects to study in JC ?

Generally you should study subjects you enjoy and have an interest in as you will usually do well in such subjects. Do not go for what is popular or what your friend has chosen. At SAJC we have a wide range of subjects available. These provide a preparation for any subject you may wish to read at university. We also have a career guidance team and full-time counselors to help you with your choices and advise you on your options if you wish to continue your studies overseas. A list of subjects available at SAJC can be found here.

13. I think I have what it takes to be a leader. Will I get the opportunity to become one ?

There are many opportunities for students with potential in different areas to shine in SAJC. You could develop leadership skills in the Student Council, CCAs as well as in civics groups. In addition, other annual activities such as play productions, concerts, debates and oratorical contests encourage cultural appreciation and aesthetic development and also develop your skills and talents in these areas. Students can also develop their leadership skills by organizing College functions such as Orientation, University Options Seminar and Open House.

14. Will I have to spend all my time in JC studying ?

At SAJC we believe that self-development is an essential part of your time in JC. We want students to build up a personal portfolio that is more than academic. We encourage student participation in fields outside of the classroom and we have many opportunities for them to do so. Those skilled at sports and performing arts can participate in competitions up to national level or through public performances. Some can gain exposure through overseas competitions and tours. We have an extensive Work Shadowing Programme that involves attachments to business and industry for 1 to 2 weeks annually, and many students are involved in helping pupils in a neighborhood primary school through a mentorship scheme. Others participate in Overseas Community Service. In addition special programmes like Service Learning provide other opportunities for students to develop themselves.