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Current Saints

“SAJC is a place where I am able to grow holistically while being moulded into a better person.“

Annbelle Marie Morgan, 21S09

“Being an international student, SAJC really feels like a second home to me. The school has a supportive community that makes sure I don’t feel alone on this journey through JC. They have also provided a space for me to thrive, both academically and as an individual, here in SAJC.”

Napim Kulruchakorn, 21A04

“SAJC is a lot like a second home to me. The teachers play the role of an elder sibling in this family; I find it easy to confide in them as they always want the best for me. I was initially quite nervous about the JC journey but the school has allayed my fears by providing me with many resources that have helped me to learn effectively despite the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.”

Wesley Chew Kaiyuan, 21S06

“SAJC is a gateway for me to explore my deepest interests as well as to challenge myself holistically. It is definitely a place I call HOME - where students, teachers and staff, intertwined in a close-knit community - the SAINTS family.“

Song Swee Leng Martin, 21A04