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Student Council

In 2020, we celebrated Student Council’s 43rd year of service. Now, in 2021, the Student Council welcomes you to be part of the 44th batch! As the bridge between the student body and the school, the Student Council serves the College through planning and executing major college-based events such as Teachers’ Day, Open House and J1 Orientation! 

We hear your concerns through gathering feedback in SA-ggest, allowing us to create a conducive school environment! Now you must be wondering, if you would like to be a part of the 44th Student Council, what should you do? Well, you will first go through a mentoring period where you will learn about servant leadership and important leadership skills. 

Shortlisted nominees will then campaign for votes in the Student Council Elections where the student body will elect suitable student leaders to serve the school. Finally, successful Elects will go through Commendation where they will officially become the Student Councillors of the College. Our official CCA Sessions are every Wednesday and Friday.