Overseas Service Learning Program


Overseas Service Learning Programme (OSLP) serves as a platform for the character development of Saints through experiential learning and to provide them with an occasion to practise servant leadership. It also aims to bring about awareness of their role as global citizens in today’s society and in understanding the social conditions of the host community so as to better serve and learn from them. Till date, OSLP has enabled students to come together to serve needy communities in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Ultimately, Saints will acquire the following 3 competencies of a community builder: (1) Cares about society (2) Prioritises growing others (3) Uplifts the community, as part of their growth towards being a Servant Leader under the SLEAD curriculum.



The college organises 1 OSLP trip to Vietnam or Thailand at the end of the year. Expeditions, each lasting about 11 days, provide opportunities for community service, cross cultural learning, learning journeys to places of historical and cultural significance etc. Other CCA such as Student Council and Saints Advocate may have their own overseas expeditions as part of their leadership training.

Apart from the overseas expeditions, all interested students are required to participate in a selection process, teambuilding camp and participate in a Pre-trip local service learning activity as part of the OSLP journey.

The college has collaborated with several NGOs to continue to meet the needs of the less fortunate. Some of them are Habitat for Humanity, Hospice Care Association, Gawad Kalinga, Cambodia Child Dream Organisation and Eco Vietnam Group. OSLP will not be successful without its partnership with overseas community development agencies. The college continues to seek and develop partnership for overseas service learning programmes.

For more details on Overseas Service Learning Programme, please contact:

Mr Jeffrey Lim Han Hock (Subject Head / Service Learning)