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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Programme in SAJC

The world today stands in stark contrast to the one we know 20-30 years back. The rapid advancement of technology has empowered people as evident in the many social and political reforms around the world facilitated by new media. Social norms that were gospel truths in the past decades no longer hold true in many parts of the world today.

Among the shifting sands of changes, the context in which we live our lives has also become more ambiguous. There is a greater need, now than ever before, to have leaders in the workplace and society who truly care - leaders who lead with the people’s welfare as their top priority.

SLP_1.jpg The term VUCA has dominated the business world and has been adopted by leading leadership institutes and even 
educational organisations. VUCA is an acronym for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It describes the current realities and future where stimulus and challenges are so unpredictable with no precedence that many leaders are struggling to navigate in these murky waters. Leaders need to have vision and clarity with the ability to negotiate between polar opposites to succeed in a VUCA world.

This is one of the unique characteristics of the educational experience in SAJC.

SAJC believes in developing our Saints into Servant Leaders who will bring life to the nations by being agents of positive change. It is indeed a mighty undertaking.

This is achieved with our unique Anglican Student Leadership Framework (ASLF) where the competencies of an effective servant leader are spelt out clearly for our students. Using our own signature Competencies Assessment Tool, students are able to reflect on their level of competence in the various servant leadership categories. This self-assessment tool was developed in-house and is utilised by all students as part of the civics curriculum.

Through the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum, as well as specialised modules targeted at the various Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) groups, students would develop a deeper understanding of how to effectively lead themselves and others.

Some unique programmes that SAJC offer include:

(a) Student Government
The Student Government (SG) comprises of the House of Representatives (HOR) and the Teachers Senate. It is a platform for student leaders, namely from the Student Council, House Council, Saints Advocate & Saints For Christ, to deliberate and formulate policies or proposals to the school management for the welfare of the Saints in SAJC.

This signals the intention of the College to truly empower student leaders in a representative democracy where the HOR will experience the challenges of leadership, specifically in meeting the expectations of the various stakeholders and planning the allocation of available resources.

The protocols and constitution of the HOR draws its inspiration from the Singapore Parliament and the United Nations. Of date, the HOR has voted on a Yellow Box Bill to extend the areas allowed for students to consume drinks and finger foods on College grounds.

The presence of the Teachers Senate and the veto power of the Principal of SAJC are safe checks that are common in any democratic system. The College hopes that with the SG, all Saints will also appreciate the political system in which this nation operates and the various principles of governance that our political leaders follow.

(b) Student Leadership Residential Programme
SLP_2.jpgStudent Leaders will be given the opportunity to participate in a two-week Student Leadership Residential Programme (SLRP), where they will undergo specialised training modules to equip them with the necessary skills in their leadership journey.

More than serving as a developmental platform, the SLRP also aims to promote intercultural awareness and global literacy, as well as promote values such as independence and self-discipline.

(c) Servant Leadership Summit - chrySAlis
SLP_3.jpgA combined effort by all schools within the St Andrew’s Village, chrySAlis is a residential leadership programme that aims to develop servant leaders by providing:
1) Platforms for networking and exchanges between student leaders from the 3 St Andrew’s Schools, Anglican High School and St Margaret’s Secondary School
2) Training and development through dialogues, workshops, and group discussions
3) Opportunities to put servant leadership principles into practice

For more details on Student Leadership programmes, please contact:
Mr Chung Wee Seng
Ms Wong Yingyi